12 Life Skills Every Child Should Be Taught

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source: Hire Rush

4. Gardening

Encourage healthy eating habits and a love of the outdoors by teaching your child how to garden. Even if you don’t have a green thumb (like me), there are plenty of resources that provide information on how to garden. There are also kids subscription boxes that provide monthly gardening tools and ideas.

Head over to Hire Rush, where you’ll find great tips on starting a vegetable garden with your kids.

5. Household Repairs

Raise your own mini handyman (or handywoman) by showing your kids how to do minor repairs around the house. Simple things like changing a light bulb, using a toilet plunger, or gluing together a broken picture frame are easy ways for them to get an idea of how to fix stuff. Older kids can be offered more challenging tasks, while younger siblings can watch and learn.

source: Safe Bee

6. Money Management

I’m planning on getting my 3 1/2 year old a piggy bank soon, and I can’t wait for him to start learning about saving money! Your kids can also learn how to manage money by receiving an allowance, working small jobs in the neighborhood, and helping you calculate a budget before heading to the store. Regardless of which method you choose, your children are going to need to learn about money before they start earning a real salary.

Check out Safe Bee for more ways to teach your children about managing finances.

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