12 Life Skills Every Child Should Be Taught

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7. Self Defense

It makes me sad that we even need to teach our children self defense, but the reality is that we live in a harsh world. From bullies at school to bad guys at the park, our kids need to learn how to defend themselves. Once they are old enough, it’s a good idea to sign them up for a self defense class (especially our daughters). In the meantime, get them involved in karate or martial arts, so they can begin to develop skills that will help them if they’re ever in danger.

source: The Home Life

8. Laundry

When your kids are really little, they can start by helping you divide up the socks. As they get older, they can help you fold, and eventually they’ll learn how to run the washer and dryer on their own. Too many grown men still rely on their wives and/or mothers to do their laundry, and it’s our job to see that we raise self-sufficient men who know how to do it themselves!

If you want some ideas on making your clothes last longer, take a look at The Home Life.

source: On The Road Again

9. Car Maintenance

I never learned how to change a tire or the oil in my car. But it would have been really helpful to know. Many little boys watch their dads work on the car, and oftentimes, they ask to help. It’s just as important that we teach our daughters these same skills. If your kids go away to college someday, you might not be around to help them when they get a flat. You’ll feel better knowing that they can get it taken care of on their own.

Take a look at some of the tips from On The Road Again, provided by real dads who love cars.

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