13 Crime Podcasts For Moms Who Love Thrillers

crime podcasts

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I have a confession: I love crime shows. I enjoy procedural detective shows, true crime novels and movies, and more recently, sitting down and tuning into some deep and dark crime podcasts. Even more interesting? I find that most moms I talk to feel the same way!

You can subscribe to these podcasts however you listen to them now, like on Apple Podcasts, Sticher and Spotify.

crime podcasts

1. Serial

The producers from This American Life are responsible for setting off the wave of popular crime podcasts we all listen to today with their podcast, Serial. The series’ first season coverage of the murder of Baltimore high school student Hae Min Lee and her alleged murderer, Adnan Sayed in 1999 will pull you in, keep you up at night, and have you wondering about the capability of our country’s justice system to truly deliver.

If you end up loving the podcast, you can settle in for seasons 2 & 3, in which host Sarah Koenig covers the case of Bowe Bergdahl and Cleveland’s justice system, respectively. While I personally couldn’t get hooked on season 2, I’m already enjoying the newest season and it’s unique portrayal of content that differs from the previous two.

crime podcasts

2. S-Town

Listeners of Serial will have no problem transitioning to the one and only season of S-Town. Follow host Brian Reed as he travels to Alabama and meets with John B. McLemore, a genius who’s more than rough around the edges and claims a son of a wealthy resident got away with murder. You’ll be shocked at the numerous turn of events and what you’ll learn about the town, John and his famous maze.

crime podcasts

3. Dr. Death

Wondery’s newest show, Dr. Death brings to light the store of Dr. Christopher Duntsch, a neurosurgeon who ended up maiming and killing over 30 of his patients. While the show’s focus is on Dr. Death himself, it sheds shocking light on the state of our medical system and it’s ability to take care of us when we are at our most vulnerable.

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