13 Crime Podcasts For Moms Who Love Thrillers

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crime podcasts

7. Dirty John

A detailed series of articles from the Los Angeles Times started the story that would eventually evolve into the Dirty John podcast, hosted by Christopher Goffard from Wondery. We all know crime doesn’t pay, but that doesn’t stop con man John Meehan from taking up residence in Newport Beach, California and wrecking the lives of everyone he comes into contact with. This is a podcast you’ll want to binge-listen!

crime podcasts

8. Up and Vanished

Host of Up and Vanished, Payne Lindsey is actually a filmmaker, prior to turning investigator and podcaster. His remarkable amateur investigation of the disappearance of Tara Grinstead in season 1 will lure you in, hook line and sinker; and when you’re done get ready to jump right into season two that was just released in August. Lindsey shares tons of information in bonus episodes and even a community board on the Up and Vanished website for tipsters.

crime podcasts

9. Atlanta Monster

If you haven’t heard about the Atlanta Child murders, you wouldn’t be alone. It’s been nearly 40 years since over 25 African American children were murdered and host Payne Lindsey (from Up and Vanished) sets out to uncover the truth and determine if the man in jail for the murders is actually guilty. Though this was not one of my favorites, I did walk away with more knowledge about Atlanta history then I knew before––a win win.

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