15 Exciting Ways To Share News Of A New Baby

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Gender reveal parties and baby announcements are growing ever popular. While they may seem like too much work (especially if new baby is #2 or #3!), you can still share in the excitement of sharing your upcoming baby boy or girl with family and friends with these exciting ideas. We’ve got 15 exciting ways to announce your pregnancy to family and friends.


Source: PurpleTrail.com

1. Finger Painting

With a little paint, white T-shirt and handiwork, you can send an awesome card to your loved ones. You can use your own hands, your partner’s or even your kids!

(PurpleTrail.com has a lot of great ideas for Maternity photos as well.)


Source: AlwaysWearBlush.com

2. Chewing Gum

Your mother may have told you it’s impolite to snap and pop your gum, but this is one occasion that’s different. You and your partner each chew a piece of pink or blue gum and be sure to leave the last bubble standing to show off your baby’s gender!

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Source: WhatToExpect.com

3. We All Scream for Ice Cream

You don’t have to ask a pregnant woman twice to eat ice cream! With some creative photography, let your sweet tooth show off your future little one.

(WhatToExpect.com is a leading site on all things pregnancy. Check it out to follow along in your pregnancy and early years of your children.)


Source: Etsy

4. Bath Fizzies

Put those bath bombs that you’ve been saving to work by using them to reveal your baby’s gender. It may not be the relaxing bath you were thinking, but they will be sure to tickle your friends!


Source: Amber N. Hann Photography

5. Painting Party

You’ll need help for this one. Ask a family member or friend you trust who won’t spill the beans early, to blindfold you and your partner. Then go to town with a bottle of blue or pink paint. Remove your blindfolds for the great surprise!

(Amber N. Hann Photography specializes in capturing life’s big and little moments.)ornament

Source: KelcieTalk.com

6. Christmas Cheer

Use clear ornaments and fill them with blue or pink glitter. Then give them as small gifts or stocking stuffers to family at the holidays for some extra cheer!

(KelcieTalk.com is a great place to stay up to date on mama and baby fashion!)


Source: WeHeartPhotography.com

7.  Special Package

Ask your doctor not to tell you the gender of your baby, but to clearly mark it on your ultrasound picture. Then, take your photo to a department store where you’ll pick out 2 outfits, 1 boy and 1 girl. Ask the clerk to ring you up for whichever outfit matches your ultrasound picture. No peeking at the receipt! Then pick a special time to open your package, either alone with your partner or with family and friends. Be sure to have someone catch your reaction on film!

(WeHeartPhotography.com are “fine art wedding photographers” and want to make your weddings special from beginning to end.)


Source: ProjectNursery.com

8. Come Fly with Me

Fill a box with blue or pink balloons (be sure to fill them with helium). When the time’s right, open the box and let the balloons take flight!

(ProjectNursery.com has everything you need to know to plan your next party and decorate your home!)


Source: The-Pregnancy.net

9. Walking Shoes

Nothing is as sweet as baby feet. Using your family’s shoes, show a new member is being added to your brood with a pair of precious baby booties.

(The-Pregnancy.net has trackers, week by week info on your pregnancy, and even stuff for Dad)

scratch off

Source: Etsy

10. Scratch that Itch

Who doesn’t love lotto scratchers? Everyone’s a winner with these genius gender announcement cards!


Source: SimplyBrittany.com

11. Silly Baby

Most of the time silly string is a pain to clean up, but you won’t mind this time! Your guests will love the excitement only a good can of silly string can bring when they find out your baby’s gender!

(SimplyBrittany.com has a little something for everyone: life, faith, books and weight loss topics to name a few.)big sis


12. Sibling Rivalry

Big changes are in store for big sister or brother. Let them do the telling with a creative outfit or sign that will make them feel just as special.

(OBlogDaSofia.com is a photography site specializing in infant, lifestyle and wedding photography.)christmas

Source: APaperProposal.com

13. Greeting Cards

Now’s the perfect time to send the ultimate holiday greeting card. Use pink or blue decorations to show everyone the gender of your special delivery!

(APaperProposal.com is a great site to check out all things wedding, including wedding brochures and invitations)cupcakes

Source: ReynoldsKitchens.com

14. Baked Goodies

Have family and friends over for a dessert party and bake your cupcakes or cake with a special surprise in the middle! Use colored M&M’s or frosting to get your message across.

(If you love Reynolds products (wax paper anyone?) then ReynoldsKitchens.com is the site for you for tips, techniques, and even recipes!)


Source: SimplyBrittany.com

15. Confetti Balloons

It’s like a piñata for adults! Fill a large balloon with pink or blue confetti and pop!

(SimplyBrittany.com has a little something for everyone: life, faith, books and weight loss topics to name a few.)

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