Paper plates are one of the items in our homes that have so many incredible uses that I’m sure most of us either under utelize or just don’t know about! One of those uses is to craft with them! There are so many great crafts that you can make with your kids using the paper plates you already have in your cabinet. Next time you need some easy kid crafting inspiration, try one, or more, of these easy paper plate crafts.



1. Dream Catchers

Dream catchers are such a popular decoration item right now, so why not try your hand at making a cute one with your kiddos using paper plates? You can get as fancy as you want with beads and fathers, or simply just use yarn and plates. Either way it’ll turn out adorable and you can hang it up in your house to show off to all your friends and your kid’s friends.

(For more awesome kid craft ideas as well as how to inspire your child to be creative check out Red Ted Art).

Mary Mulroney

Mary Mulroney

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