20 Easy and Adorable Paper Plate Crafts

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Source: mom.me

17. Animal Masks

Other great masks to make for your kids are animal masks! Kids love wearing masks, putting on costumes, and using their imagination that they are a different creature in a whole new world. I guarantee they’ll love making a mask of their favorite animal so they can play with their siblings and friends.

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18. Fish Bowl

If you’ve got a fish lover on your hands and don’t want to have live fish in your home, then let them create their own fish bowl from paper plates and goldfish. They can include whatever accessories they want for the inside of the fish bowl and they can put as many fish as their heart desires in as well. After they’ve made it you can encourage them to take care of their fish and to make sure that they’ve fed their little friends. It’ll be a great learning tool for them to learn how to be responsible for a pet.

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19. Spider Mania

Your bug-loving child will love making this creepy crawly spider out of paper plates and pip cleaners. They can be as creative as they want by making them fun colors, patterns, or giving them a million crazy eyes. You can hang them on the wall or better yet from the ceiling so they have a web to hang from. It would also make a great Halloween craft for your child to do as well.

(I Heart Crafty Things is a wonderful website dedicated to crafts for all ages as well as great DIY projects).Easy+Paper+Plate+Sunshine+Craft

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20. Little Sunshine

How adorable is this happy little sun and rainbow craft? All you need are some paper plates, paint or markers, glue, and some yarn! If you don’t have yarn, you can use colored stripes of paper for the rainbow. This would be another fun one to hang up outside to watch the rainbow strings move in the wind. I guarantee it’ll make your little one smile.

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