Top 5 Do’s & Don’ts For New Mom Hair

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1. Don’t Cut It All Off

This is the ultimate no-no. Remember, that nothing good comes from a hormonal outburst and a pair of scissors! Your first few months post partum, you are still carrying baby weight, some of which may be in your face. If you cut your hair super short, it will accentuate the extra pounds. Also, it’s a misconception that short hair takes less work. You actually have to put in more effort! Long hair can be swept into a braid, bun or ponytail when you want it out of the way or don’t want to spend a lot of time on it. Short hair requires attention and more trips to the stylist to maintain your cut. You won’t regret cutting a few inches, but you very well could wake up one morning and regret your new chin length ‘do.


2. Avoid Wet Buns

Buns are an ultimate go-to mom hair do. When done properly, then can give you a classy, pulled together look. But a wet bun does none of these things. It gives the appearance of greasy and over gelled hair, neither of which are a good look for anyone. Additionally, if you leave it in all day, your hair will still be wet at the end of the day and can smell like mildew (no joke). Let your hair dry completely before styling a bun, your hair will thank you!


3. No (Other) Drastic Changes

Aside from the very drastic change of hacking all your hair off, there are other changes you may want to stall as well. Avoid perming or permanently straightening your hair, because it’s about to go through a major change postpartum. Most women experience hair loss approximately three months after giving birth, which leaves you feeling a few pounds lighter in the hair department. Don’t go crazy with color or highlights that you may not be able to maintain by regular visits to your stylist!


4. Don’t Be Afraid To DIY

Many stylists tell you to stay away from home hair dye kits (because they want you to come to them more often!), but sometimes they are a necessity. If your self confidence is on the line because of grays or dark roots, then ask your stylist for an easy option that you can use at home to touch up your roots and front hairline until you can get in to see them. Most of them will understand, because they’ve all been there when they had kids too!



5. Never Use A Scrunchie or Banana Clip

Back in the 80’s & 90’s two hair styling tools were introduced that were definitely not attractive: the hair scrunchie and the banana clip. Like the saying goes, “some things are better left in the past” and these two items are no exception. The banana clip allowed you to sweep your hair up from the side, and it would run down the middle of your head (think: mullet). Even though they are still widely sold in drugstores, it doesn’t make it right. You may think that you are adding some pizazz to your boring mom hair, but you’re really dating yourself. There are many other options for styling your hair, so don’t revert back to those scrunchies you found in your junior high memento box. It doesn’t matter if they’re velvet- they are a no-no!

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