10 Healthy And Tasty After School Snacks

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healthy after school snacks

4. Smoothies

For the past month, smoothies have been my family’s snack of choice after my husband gets home from work. It gives this mama peace of mind that my kids are getting a serving or two of fruits and veggies! My daughter needs extra iron in her diet, so we often sneak spinach into her smoothie.

For a recipe to sneak greens into YOUR child’s smoothie, read our post: How To Sneak Greens & Protein Into A Smoothie Your Kids Will Love

healthy after school snacks

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5. Apples and granola

Don’t these apple, granola cookies look amazing? My kids go through phases with apples. One day they love them and I have to encourage them to STOP eating all the apples and then another day they don’t want to touch them. I love the idea of adding apples into different recipes to change it up a bit! Nutella, peanut butter, granola, seeds, they all make great apple toppings!

Check out paleoeatsandtreats.com for more yummy Paleo recipes!

healthy after school snacks

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6. Trail mix

During the school year, I always have trail mix sitting out in a bowl for me to snack on during the day and for the kids to come home to. I love the infographic below with ideas of trail mix ingredients to keep on hand! One idea could be to give your kids a baggy and sit out the ingredients for them to create their own mix after school!

healthy after school snacks

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Tell us in the comments…what is your children’s favorite healthy after-school snack? 

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