7 Crafty & Creative DIY Christmas Card Holders

Christmas card holders

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Every year, I get excited to receive mail during the holidays. Why? Because of all the Christmas cards! I love looking over the beautiful photos and messages from family and friends. The only problem is, I quickly run out of room to hang them where I can see them! That’s why I love the idea of actually constructing a card holder, to keep my loved ones holiday messages in full view. I’ve found some super crafty and creative DIY Christmas card holders that fit the bill!

Christmas card holders

Source: Shanty-2-Chic.com

1. Wooden Pallet Holder

Farmhouse decor lovers will love this simple DIY Christmas card holder. Made with just 4 furring strips, paint stick stirrers, glue, staple gun (no drilling required!) and fun stuff like paint and other baubles, this is a great beginner craft. You can make it look rustic or chic, depending on your paint or stain colors.

Check out more rustic and shanty DIY ideas at Shanty-2-Chic.com.

Christmas card holders

Source: Kojo-Designs.com

2. Dyed Wooden Clothespin Holder

I LOVE colorful design, and that’s why this card holder has made the cut! This Christmas “Tree” is made from simple pieces of wood, cut in incremental lengths that are then assembled to look like a tree. The clothespins have been died to look like both Christmas tree lights and a glowing star on top. Hot glue to your tree, hang cards, and enjoy!

Check out all the steps at Kojo-Designs.com!

Christmas card holders

Source: LandeeSeeLandeeDo.com

3. Wooden Slat Display

Well whoop de do, this wooden slat display is SO EASY. Find some rustic wood, or a new piece of wood and distress it with stain or paint and some sanding, and then literally just glue binder clips on. BAM. And you’re welcome.

We found this in a roundup at LandeeSeeLandeeDo.com, but it’s created by the lovely gals at The Merry Thought.

Christmas card holders

Source: JennaBurger.com

4. Plank Holder

Ok. This is my last wooden holder with clothespins. I realize I have a bit of an obsession with them but they’re just so cute and easy to make! I love this one because it’s so big! You can customize the colors and message and make it as big as you need to to accomodate your deluge of Christmas cards. What message would you put on yours?

Visit JennaBurger.com for more amazing and inspirational design, decor and craft ideas.

Christmas card holders

Source: JamieCostiglio.com

5. 2×4 Card Holder

I love this simple card holder! All it takes is a 2×4 and a little cutting with a circular saw. Paint or stain and pop those joyous Christmas cards in for optimal viewing!

Check out quick and easy tips on making this at home from JamieCostiglio.com.

Christmas card holders

Source: PolkaDotChair.com

6. Burlap Holder

I love the versatility of burlap. In this case, the designer of this cute and functional Christmas card holder is made with a pre-made table runner, that’s been cut down to size and fitted around a dowel. Use small brads to affix tiny clips to your burlap and you’ve got a pretty great card holder. What I like in particular about this project, is that it’s not just for Christmas! Swap out your bow and use this for other items, like photos, bills and notes. You can enjoy this all year long.

We love all the gorgeous things we find at PolkaDotChair.com.

Christmas card holders

Source: LindsaysSweetWorld.com

7. Merry Mail

A little canvas, some ribbon and the ever popular clothespins are all you need to start crafting this Merry Mail card holder. This craft is easily stored year after year, unlike some of the larger wooden card holders we’ve found so far. Pick your ribbons to match your decor, paint the clothespins and add some glitter if you want! I love that this is a lightweight holder than can be hung almost anywhere, no nails required.

See the simple steps at LindsaysSweetWorld.com.


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Christmas card holders

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