8 Adorable Photo Ideas For Baby’s 1st Christmas

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Christmas will be here before we know it, and if you’ve got a bundle of joy who will be celebrating for the very first time, a “baby’s 1st Christmas” photo shoot is a really cute way to capture the holiday. After all, your baby will never have a 1st Christmas again! Doing a photo shoot will also preserve memories that your baby can look back on someday.

So what photos should you include in your photo shoot? Here are a few ideas that are classic and cute!


1. Dressed In A Santa Outfit

Trust me when I say that if you want to dress your baby in a Santa outfit, you will find plenty to choose from. I’d say my favorite part of the getup is the adorable hat. Of course, any Santa that is miniature sized is downright cute!


2. Stuffed In A Stocking

I mean, a stocking is the perfect size to put a baby in, right? And it will keep him warm and cozy! But really, do it because it’s so stinkin’ cute and there won’t ever be a time when your baby will fit in a stocking again!


3. Sitting In A Box

Good things come in small packages. And cute babies come in gift boxes. You could pre-wrap an empty box and use it later to wrap baby’s 1st Christmas present in. Talk about an awesome tradition!


4. Playing With Christmas Lights

Your Christmas lights will add dazzle to your decor and your home, and they will put a giant smile on your baby’s face. Watch as your baby gets tangled up (with supervision) in them and marvels when they’re lit up. I’m guessing baby’s eyes will light up just as much as the lights!


5. Laying In A Basket

Set up a basket with Christmas accessories like ornaments or a fuzzy white blanket and let baby relax like he’s “away in a manger.” Top his head with a Santa hat or a bow, and you’ve got a snapshot worth cherishing forever.

6. Discovering Ornaments

From their earliest moments, babies are curious about the world around them. At Christmastime, this curiosity can be found in the way they explore your collection of ornaments. While you shouldn’t let them play with glass ornaments, give them a few to admire and get the moment on film.

7. Sitting In A Sleigh

My mom used to have a large sleigh that she set out in our entryway to decorate the house. She’d fill it with gifts and Christmas decor and it looked very festive. I think a baby in a sleigh would be even more festive! And of course, they must be dressed in a cute outfit!


8. Meeting Santa

Because, duh. Your baby has to sit on Santa’s lap! And you have to get a photo of that moment! Since your baby won’t have any awareness of Santa at this age, you’ll hopefully be able to get a nice shot of your baby smiling (or sleeping). But even if he chooses to scream bloody murder, add the photo to his baby book because he’ll never have another 1st time meeting Santa.



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8 Adorable Photo Ideas For Baby's First Christmas

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