10 Ways To Make A Small Bathroom Look Big

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Source: jennaburger.com

4. Use The Door For Storage

If you have very little wall space in your bathroom or very little storage, put some storage on the back of the bathroom door. You can install very small shelving where you can store toilet paper, hair accessories and products, cleaning products and more. You can also install some towel racks on the back of the door to hang extra towels from. This will free up the amount of things you need to store in cabinets and shelving on the walls.

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5. Light It Up

Try to keep your bathroom as light as possible. If you have windows, don’t put any kind of window treatment on them if you don’t absolutely have to. If you must, use something that is sheer where it will keep your bathroom private, but still allow light to come it. If you don’t have the luxury of having any windows in your bathroom, keep as much light as possible in it. You can install extra vanity lighting as well as lighting in the ceiling. Try to get light bulbs that are very bright that will really light the room up and keep it light and airy.

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Source: homebunch.com

6. Keep Everything White

When it comes to large furniture pieces or large decorative pieces in your bathroom, try to keep them white. The toilet, sink, shower curtain (unless clear), towels, shower tiles, paint, etc., should all be white. If they are all the same color it will trick the eye into thinking the room is one seamless large room and it won’t be broken up by large pieces in different colors. Also, the lighter colors in the bathroom, the better. Lighter colors will do two things: one, they will reflect more light, which will make the room seem larger, and two, they will visually look smaller when lighter in color. A darker color will look more bulky and large and appear as if it’s visualy taking up more space.

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