9 Acorn Crafts To Make For Your Fall Decor

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7. Acorn Easter Eggs

If you want some acorn decor that’s larger than life, you can make these easter egg acorns. That’s right, these are made out of easter eggs that are covered in burlap and pinecone tops. You can display these in a bowl, vase, or even create a fun garland out of them. No matter how you use them, they’ll be sure to add a fun, festive feel to your home this fall.

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8. Acorn Napkin Rings

I love napkin rings for two reasons: one, they look really pretty on a table, and two, it eliminates the problem of having to fold your napkins in a crazy way so they look beautiful on your table. Since acorns are such a iconic fall symbol, make some napkin rings with them and display them on your table during the whole fall season. Your table will always look festive, and your guests will truly appreciate their beauty.

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9. Glitter Acorns

If you do plan on using acorns to craft and decorate with, but want to make them look a little more fancy, put some glitter on them. This certainly takes the acorns to a whole new level and makes them look more sophisticated and chic. These would look beautiful displayed in a vase or bowl where they could be seen easily. They really are gorgeous when done like this and would make any of your fall crafts look sparkly and fun.

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9 Acorn Crafts To Make For Your Fall Decor

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