10 Alternative Uses For Baby Wipes

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Now that I’m a mom, my eyes have been opened to the wonders of so many baby products. The best part is so many of them can be used way after your kids are out of the baby stage. My favorite? Baby wipes! My daughter isn’t in diapers anymore, but I still buy baby wipes in bulk because they are so useful. Don’t believe me? Here are just 10 (of many!) ways you can use baby wipes, despite your baby being a big kid.


Source: PureWow.com

1.Use On A Swiffer

I love my wet Swiffer, but I don’t like paying for the expensive refills that get used and tossed right away. Well, the next time you find yourself wanting to avoid the over-priced cleaning aisle or just need something in a pinch, use a baby wipe on your Swiffer! The gentle components of the baby wipe won’t harm your floor and they are much cheaper.

Head over to PureWow.com to see 9 more ways you can use baby wipes- no baby required!


2. Remove Crayon (and Permanent Marker!) From Walls

If you’re a mom its pretty much guaranteed you’re going to find crayon on your wall at least once in a lifetime. Never fear, the baby wipe is here! Whip out a wipe and gently work out the crayon, and even permanent marker from your “canvas.” The baby wipe won’t strip your walls of their sheen and will have them looking like new in no time.


3. Makeup Remover

Don’t waste money on buying yet another beauty product, when you have the perfect option already. Makeup remover sheets or oils are costly, and baby wipes do the exact same thing- maybe even better! The gentle formula won’t irritate your eyes and will leave your skin soft.

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