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    15 Wonderful White Kitchens

    Every so often I allow myself to dream of brighter days, ones that involve remodeling my small 1990’s style kitchen. Living in Southern California pretty much means that if your house was built in the 90’s, you’re guaranteed to have plenty of honey oak cabinets and even more white, tiled countertops. The oak cabinets instantly […] More

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    25 Lovely Valentines Nail Art Ideas

    Valentine’s Day is quickly approaching, and you know what that means – time for a festive, holiday manicure. I’ve been trying to decide what to do on my nails for holiday, and when I started looking I found so many incredible nail art designs that I’m definitely having a hard time choosing just one. I […] More

  • non-candy valentines
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    9 DIY Non-Candy Valentines for Kids

    Ever get tired of the endless amounts of candy that take over your home around the holidays?  Kids get so much candy and not only is it not healthy for them, but definitely very tempting for us moms to have around.  Why not save other moms the candy tempting trouble and opt for a less sugar-y […] More

  • spring manis

    We Want All These Spring Manis And We Want Them Now

    Goodbye cold, harsh weather and hello Spring! If you don’t have a ton of things to get excited about this season, you can at least spoil yourself to a fun Spring manicure. Whether you like simple manis, or prefer some wraps or nail striping, we’ve found a bunch of Spring manis that we think you’ll […] More

  • spring crafts
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    12 Spring Crafts You Need To Make Right Now

    Spring and Easter will soon be here and you know what that means: craft time! It’s time to break out those craft boxes, head to the craft stores, and start making all the adorable Spring and Easter decorations you can. I can’t let a holiday pass me by without making something for my home. I am, […] More

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    DIY Heart-Shaped Valentine’s Day Wreath

    A new month means a new wreath in my house (or should I say, on my front door!). I’m very obsessed that my neighbors know what holiday they should be celebrating, so I always make sure my choice of wreath reflects the new season. This time of year means I need a Valentine’s Day wreath, […] More

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    8 DIY Valentine’s Day Wreath Ideas

    I’m always one to have a festive wreath on my door, even though I normally save the big decorating for the Winter holidays. A wreath is a super simple way to get in the season- no matter what time of year. It’s also a great way to try your hand at crafting! I’ve rounded up […] More

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    4 Easy Ways To Take Care Of Your Feet During Pregnancy

    Congratulations on you’re pregnancy! While pregnancy comes with plenty of joy, it can also take its toll on your body. Nothing beats that feeling of a new life and feeling flutters for the first time, but those experiences are usually coupled with sore muscles and back, and let’s not forget aching feet! Everyone experiences pregnancy […] More

  • valentine's day dessert recipes
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    Love Is All You Need: 12 Valentine’s Day Dessert Recipes

    Even though Valentine’s Day is all about showing people in your life that you love them, it’s also very much about the candy and treats. Just saying. This year, instead of showering your special someone with boxed candy and store-bought cookies, why not make a special dessert, straight from the heart? We’ve rounded up 10 […] More

  • butterbeer recipes

    5 Butterbeer Recipes For Your Harry Potter Lovers

    If you love the magical world of Harry Potter, chances are you’ve pined for a piping hot mug of butterbeer. The Hogsmeade Village beverage was actually left up the imagination for us readers, but we’d like to think it involves the silky taste of butter and probably some butterscotch, too. If you’re craving for some […] More

  • DIY New Year's Eve decor
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    10 Festive & Fabulous DIY New Year’s Eve Decor Ideas

    When it comes to New Year’s, I often feel like I’m crossing the finish line of the holiday marathon. I don’t have the energy to put in a lot of effort for New Year’s Eve because all my love and passion has just gone into Christmas. And I’m OK with that. But for those of […] More

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    11 Of The Best Elf On The Shelf Ideas

    I’m sure you’ve seen the popular Elf on the Shelf over the past few years. Many people post pictures on social media of what their elf did that night while everyone was sleeping. It has become increasingly popular and it’s fun to see everyone’s different creative ideas. If you’ve ever done the Elf on the […] More

  • family into the holiday spirit
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    6 Fun Activities That Will Get Your Family Into The Holiday Spirit

    The holidays are around the corner and parents everywhere are looking for ways to get the whole family involved in their Christmas traditions. It can be especially challenging to do so if you have teens that may not want to participate in some traditions for fear of looking “uncool.” However, just because they consider themselves much […] More

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    15 Fabulous New Year’s Eve Manicures

    Whether you’re heading to a posh New Year’s Eve party or just hanging out at home with the kids, every mama can treat herself to fun and festive themed nails!. We love scouring the internet for awesome ideas, and New Year’s Eve manicures are in no shortage. Check out this awesome list and get a […] More

  • play on the playground

    6 Reasons To Let Your Kids Just Play on the Playground

    When you think about your childhood, do you remember running around in the schoolyard, climbing trees and playing pretend? Play is so vital to children that it’s become almost synonymous with being a kid. Unfortunately, unstructured playtime in schools has declined in recent years, especially for students in cities and with lower-income backgrounds. Some schools […] More

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    10 New Year’s Eve Drinks That Put Classic Champagne To Shame

    Whether you’re hitting a friend’s NYE party, heading downtown for a local celebration, or staying in your pj’s as you watch the ball drop in Times Square from your living room, a new drink has got to be what you toast the new year with! We’ve rounded up some tasty New Year’s Eve drinks that […] More

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    15 Seriously Creative Christmas Nail Art Ideas You Can Do Yourself

    When it comes to the holidays, you can never have enough bling, and that includes a holiday manicure. While I always love being mesmerized by the professional quality mani of a cosmetologist or the seamless look of a nail wrap, I personally love finding manicures that I can replicate myself. I’m a mom and I […] More

  • diy rustic ornaments
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    10 Of The Cutest DIY Rustic Christmas Ornaments

    There’s something about the holidays that make me feel extra crafty. I just want to whip out all the ribbon, glitter and hot glue I can find and go to town making wreaths, ornaments and the like. I’m looking forward to making some new ornaments for my tree, especially with my daughter. I love the […] More

  • noon year's eve

    7 Easy Ways To Host A Noon Year’s Eve Party

    When you have kids, New Year’s Eve definitely isn’t the same as the pre-children days. While it’s obvious young kiddos won’t make it until the 12am ball drop, it’s equally possible that we parents won’t either! This year, why not celebrate with a Noon Year’s Eve, instead? The mid-day celebration is just as exciting, even […] More

  • vsnap clip
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    Our Favorite Snap Clip Shops on Etsy

    There are many things to love about having a daughter, but one of our faves is being able to re-live our hair accessory glory days! Headbands, snap clips and huge bows, oh my! If you’re in the market for some fresh and fancy hair accessories, then you need to check out the blinged-out snap clips […] More

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    10 Last Minute Teacher Gift Ideas

    Teachers are amazing and deserve all the gratitude in the world, but sometimes special occasions, holidays or the end of the school year sneaks up on us, and we are empty handed! You don’t have to spend a lot of money or time to show the teachers in your life that you care. Keep reading for […] More

  • The Top Gift Trends for the 2018 Holidays

    The Top Gift Trends for the 2018 Holidays

    It’s the holiday season! If you’re busy making your list and checking it twice, you’ve probably run into a challenge or two trying to come up with the perfect gift. Well we’ve done the research on some of the most trending gift ideas and have them right here! Keep reading and get shopping! The Gift […] More

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