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Who We Are is more than just a website that reaches over 700,000 moms per month, 311,000 followers on Pinterest and over 300,000 followers on Facebook. We are a community of mothers who want to share the best motherhood has to offer, and we do it with passion, expertise and fun. Our goal is to inspire and support busy moms everywhere!

We are seeking regular contributors to share their knowledge and ideas with mamas across the globe. We provide our readers with motivational pieces on pregnancy, beauty, fashion, food and all things kids.

Do You Want To Write For Us?

We’re excited to see what you’ve got. Please follow these steps to submit a piece for consideration to Life As Mama:

  1. Consider a category for the post you’d like to write: Pregnancy, Parenting, DIY, Fashion, Kids- you get the idea.
  2. Follow all the guidelines on content, linking and submitting a bio found below.
  3. Type away and get creative. Most posts are in the range of 500 words; you’ll want to have a cohesive post with a creative title and consistent voice. Create something you would be interested in reading yourself
  4. Add everything to a Google doc and email to karly[at]
  5. Sit tight! We’ll get back to you in one to two weeks with our feedback on your submission. Please note that we reserve the right to edit your content so that it fits the needs of our audience. This includes grammar, punctuation, formatting, images and content.


Content Guidelines

  1. We do not accept contributions that have been previously published elsewhere.
  2. Guest contributions should be at least 500 words long.
  3. Please make sure all posts are formatted using subheadings and/or lists.
  4. You may write on topics relevant to motherhood and parenting, but we will not accept posts that are promotional in nature.


Linking Guidelines

  1. We do not allow promotional links in the body of any article. This includes links to your site or blog, a company’s site, or a client’s site.
  2. A maximum of two links to your own sites are allowed and only in your bio.
  3. We only allow links in your bio if they are relevant to our readers and we do not allow links to companies. If you would like to advertise your site, you can find our paid sponsor and advertising opportunities on our Media Kit.
  4. Affiliate links are not allowed in our articles by guest contributors.


Bio Guidelines

  1. In order to be published, please include a short author bio with your post.
  2. You may include up to 2 links in your bio to sites such as your professional website or personal blog. Affiliate links and links to companies where you work are not allowed.

We need your help in following these steps to a T! An inability to follow directions may result in your piece not being reviewed. Before submitting to Life As Mama, please read through a post on The Daily Positive, regarding common mistakes freelance writers make when submitting to publishers. You can find the post here.


Can I include links in my articles?
You may include up to 2 links to your personal website or social media account in your bio. We do not allow links to other sites within the body of our articles. We also do not allow links to companies or advertisements within your personal bio.

Can I submit an article I’ve written from another site?
We love our content to be unique just like you, so we do not allow previously published work on our site.

Do I have to be a mom to submit an article?
You don’t have to be a parent to write for Life As Mama. Although some experience with kids will definitely help you with content ideas and catering to our audience.

Can I write about anything I want?
Our audience is made up of a variety of people, but mostly moms who need support and ideas for parenting issues. We welcome new ideas but our main goal is to be motivational and inspirational to our community of moms. Please consider this when suggesting topics for your submission. Please also note that we plan articles at least 4 weeks in advance, specifically in regards to holidays and seasons. When coming up with topics or presenting full articles, its important to note that we cannot publish seasonal pieces that are submitted less than a month before the date of the holiday.

Can I send you a list of ideas I have, and you tell me what to write?
We want to honor your creativity as a writer, and that means giving you the freedom to select a topic. Please do not send us a list of potential topics and ask us to pick one for you. Once you choose a topic that fits well with our audience, please send in a complete post that meets the criteria listed above.

Happy Writing!