8 Crucial Do’s And Don’ts Of Home Decorating

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Decorating your home can be extremely exciting and fun, but also really scary and daunting. There are so many mistakes that can be made that can make your home look weird, awkward, and small. Of course, no one wants their home to look like that, so it’s important to know a few simple rules to avoid it. It’s actually a lot more simple than you think and when you know the do’s and don’ts of home decorating you’ll easily be able to make your home look beautiful, grand, and luxe.


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1. Don’t Hang Small Pieces Of Art On Large Walls

One of the worst things you can do when decorating your home is not hanging proper pieces on walls. If you have a small wall, then hang smaller pieces of art. If you have a large wall, hang bigger pieces of art, etc. If you hang something small on a large wall, the bare space around the art will dwarf it. It will look disproportionate and silly. Similarly if you hang a really large piece on a small wall space, it will overwhelm the wall and the space and will actually make your room look smaller than it is.

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2. Do Hang Curtains High And Wide On A Window

There is a whole art when it comes to hanging curtains and drapes in your home. Where you place the curtains can make all the difference in making your home look grand and beautiful, or small and awkward. It’s important to hang the curtains as high as possible on the wall so that your room will look taller. You’ll also want to hang them as far and wide as you possibly can. When the curtains are fully opened, they should barely even cover the first few inches of the window. This will make your room seem wider and larger as well.

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3. Don’t Use Rugs That Are Too Small For Your Space

Just like how you hang curtains in your home plays a huge part in making it look larger or smaller, the size of area rugs you use as well do the same thing. You never want to use rugs that are too small for your space. The edges of your rugs should always be floating under the furniture a few inches, or should extend beyond the furniture by a few inches or feet. Anything smaller will play an optical illusion and will dwarf your room.

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4. Do Use Different Textures

To keep things interesting in your decor, you’ll want to mix different textures in your decor. Soft, fluffy, woven, leather, sequins, heavy, light, etc. This creates interest for the eye instead of looking boring and plain. It’s better to mix as many textures as you can.

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