12 Helpful Hacks For Repairing Ruined Clothes

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We all have those moments when we spill something on our white shirt, scuff up our brand new leather shoes, break a button on our most comfy shirt, or break the zipper on our favorite pants. Most of the time you think to yourself that you’ll have to throw that clothing item away because it’s ruined. Well, you may be surprised to find out that there are lots of great hacks when it comes to repairing ruined clothes. You may think it’s ruined, but try these 12 great hacks first to see if you can bring it back to life before you throw it in the trash.


1. Remove Armpit Stains With Baking Soda

You know those pesky yellow armpit stains you get in light colored shirts? Did you know that you can actually remove those stains? I’ll admit I never knew that and would always end up throwing those shirts away because I thought they had reached the end of their lifetime. I am so glad to learn that you can actually remove those yucky yellow stains by mixing baking soda and water together. Make a paste with the two ingredients, then rub the paste all over the stain. Let it sit for a few minutes, then rinse it off before throwing it in the wash and laundering it like normal.


2. Use A Razor To Remove Pilling On Sweaters

Do you have that one favorite sweater that you’ve only worn a few times because every time you wear it you end up with tiny little balls all over it? That’s called pilling and you can actually remove those annoying little pills with a razor. Just take the razor and lightly go over the fabric as if you were shaving. It will cut the pills off and then you can take a lint remover to lift them off the sweater. It will look as good as new again.


3. Put Your Pants In The Freezer To Remove Odors

I don’t know about you but every once in a while I’ll buy a pair of jeans, get them home, and while I’m wearing them I’ll notice this strange odor coming from them. No matter how many times I wash those jeans, the stubborn odor never comes out. Thankfully you can easily remove the odor without even laundering them. All you have to do is put your jeans in a plastic back and stick them in the freezer over night. The cold will actually kill the odor-causing bacteria without having to wash them a million times only to have them fade and wear out or even shrink.

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