10 Creative Ways To Show Your Hubby Love

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Your husband is hardworking, supportive and not bad to look at. He’s your best friend. Your partner in crime. Your better half. But as the old adage goes, “Marriage takes work.” Luckily, keeping the spark alive is easier than we think. Each and every day, you can show your husband you love him by doing small things. These little ways of showing him love will make him feel appreciated, and he’ll be likely to reciprocate. This is the way marriage should work- like a tennis match. You hit a few “balls” his direction, and he returns the favor.

Try one of these creative ways to say “I love you” to your hubby, and watch how your marriage grows stronger as a result.

1. Bring Him His Morning Coffee

If your husband is a coffee drinker, he’ll love starting his day with you bringing him his daily cup of joe. You don’t have to do it every day, but if he’s running late one morning, or he had a bad day the day before, you’ll lift his spirits with this small act of service.

2. Post Something Nice About Him

Many women (me included) use social media as an outlet for venting about their husbands. But instead, use your social networks to sing your hubby’s praises. If he gets a promotion at work, or completes an amazing project, or accomplishes something that’s worth celebrating, let the world know how proud of him you are.

3. Get Your Flirt On

Just because you’re married doesn’t mean you’re done dating. Married couples should never stop dating each other. As often as you can, flirt with your husband! Tell him cute things to make him laugh. Gently brush his shoulder as you walk past him. And ladies, go ahead and initiate sex in the bedroom! Your take-charge attitude will definitely turn your man on and make him feel desired and loved.

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Leena Kollar

Leena Kollar

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Leena Kollar

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