5 Parenting Tips From My Mother-In-Law That I Couldn’t Follow

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Parenting is already hard. But you know what’s harder? When somebody is constantly telling you what to do and what not to do with your kids. Now, what if that “somebody” is none other than your mother-in-law? Scared already? Been there, done that.

Look, there is no way you can avoid conflicts with your mamma-in-law. No matter how hard you’re trying to give your children proper care, they will find a flaw in it.

I know she means well. After all, my kid is her grandkid as well. So instead of misunderstanding her or getting into a nasty argument over parenting decisions, I simply unhear and unfollow all the ridiculous parenting tips she keeps throwing in.

Here’s a narrow down of the 5 most irrational and terrible parenting tips from my mamma-in-law (I hope she’s not reading this!):

1.“So what? He’s just a kid”

Guess what? I know. I popped him out of my uterus.

Once my 3-year-old boy snatched toys from a kid at a birthday party. Not just that, he pulled his hair and when scolded, he started throwing tantrums. I gave him a good talking to when we got back home. No matter how small a kid is, this is not an acceptable way to behave with others.

You know who interrupted me by saying “let it go, he is just a kid, he’ll grow out of it”? My mother-in-law. I know that she loves her grandkid but this is like encouraging him to be a bully. I can’t let that happen. You should know that sometimes a persuasive argument is not enough. You will have to be strict to keep your kids grounded, humble and kind to others.

2. The Brandy Solution

One day, Nathan woke up midnight crying as his gum pain worsened. He probably had a tooth infection. Instead of suggesting something logical like taking the appointment of a dentist, she asks me to do this:

“Rub a nip of brandy on Nathan’s gum, will you?”.


I know that hard liquor like brandy or whiskey can ease the pain but we are talking about a baby here! Even a tiny dose can be harmful to children, causing seizures, a spike in the blood sugar level, vomiting, respiratory problems and it can even put him in a coma. Never rub alcohol on your children’s teeth or gum. It could be fatal.

3. “That baby walker will break his bone!”

Kind of a legit fear but still stupid. I bought a baby walker after taking into consideration all the safety aspects. The model he uses is specially made for uneven surfaces like carpet. It has buckles and everything to keep him secure in the walker. Plus, the wheels are specially designed so that they don’t move too fast or topple over.

No matter what your mother-in-law tells you, as long as your child is under the supervision and the walker is well-made, it’s completely safe to use.

4. “No need to homeschool my little boy”

I do believe that the teachers at school would do a wonderful job. But I want to be a part of his teaching team too. Reading, writing, and learning are complex tasks. If Nathan gets to learn the basics from me, he’ll do much better at school. Moreover, teaching your kids is a great way to bond with them as well. Do you hear me, dear mother-in-law?

Cute adorable newborn baby wrapped in colorful blanket, sleeping and dreaming. Closeup of peaceful child, little baby girl . Family, Birth, new life. Swaddling as method for calm child

5. “Stop swaddling that tiny kid”

Swaddling is a scientifically approved method of restricting a baby’s frantic movement. It soothes and comforts the baby. In fact, swaddling reduces the risks of anxiety in babies and helps them sleep peacefully. It is also known to reduce SID or Sudden Infant Death Syndrome.

My in-law is not much of a science person.

The Bottom Line

Having said all that, don’t be too hard on your mother-in-law. She probably got these parenting tips from her parents. In their times, parenting and baby care were not as advanced as they are today. So the next time they butt in with a piece of unwanted, crazy advice, explain to them how they are wrong. If they don’t understand, just laugh it off and peace out.

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Alvina Emmy is a dynamic mother, always on the lookout for fun activities with her precious daughter and fun-loving techie husband. She is keen to share everything that she has learned on her site Parentloves.com

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