If laughter is the best medicine, get ready to be healed! Oh my gosh, I love a good laugh. I especially love laughing when I see someone’s reaction to receiving an embarrassing gift. Maybe it’s because I don’t get embarrassed easily, and I’m a big smart alec. I was raised by a father who was always playing jokes on us and his brothers (my uncles) were also big jokesters. Now that I’m a mom, I can’t wait to start embarrassing my kids! Err…I mean…

These gag gifts are great to give a friend with a sense of humor. I’ve always felt like gag gifts are a waste of money, but these are so funny, I would buy each one twice! Seriously. If you have a baby shower to attend soon, consider adding one of these to your mom-to-be friend’s gift bag. (You should probably get them something really nice too, not just the gag gift.)

source: Urbasm

1. Crib Dribbler

I remember getting one of these from my cousin, and thinking, “what in the WORLD is this? Is she serious?” It actually took a phone call to my mother and a curiosity about what was actually inside the box to figure out that it was a gag gift! No, our children are not gerbils. But holy moly, this makes me crack up just thinking about it!

If you need ideas on pranking other friends for the holidays, check out Urbasm, where there are more fun gag gifts to make you giggle.


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2. Dirty Diaper Survival Kit

Even though baby showers are most often held for moms, it’s usually acceptable to include a gift or two for dad (especially for co-ed showers). I know there are moms out there who are grossed out by changing diapers, but let’s be realistic. Dads are the ones who freak out over feces. What I find funny about this kit is that it includes a nose clip- my husband actually uses one! So you see, it’s perfect for squeamish papas who fear diaper duty.

Head over to Amazon to get one of these for your expectant mom friend(s).

source: Baby Recs

3. The Snotsucker

I honestly don’t know if this is intended to be a gag gift or not. But considering the thought of using it actually makes me gag, I’ll go with yes. You basically stick one end in your baby’s nose and the other end in your mouth. Suck out the snot and then, I don’t know, spit it out? Swallow it? Rinse it down with a bottle glass of wine? It comes with a little foam piece that acts as a barrier, so the snot apparently doesn’t make it into your mouth. If you’re brave enough to use this for real, I guess more power to you. But give it to someone without that little foam piece and watch them squirm!

Get more information on this questionable product over at Baby Recs.

source: fredandfriends.com

4. Li’l Lager Baby Bottle

In my family, there are a lot of rednecks drinkers. I’m not a big one myself, but I wouldn’t be surprised if one of my family members actually used this product. I mean, yeah, it’s funny. But only give it to a mom who’s smart enough not to use it in public. Those CPS people mean business (or so I hear), and you don’t want to be held responsible when your friend gets arrested. No, really, you know she’d expect you to bail her out of jail, right?

For the big drinkers in your social circle, snatch one of these up from fredandfriends.com. The site has lots of funny and clever stuff to check out.

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5. Pee-pee Teepee

You know, if you are going to be a parent, you should realize that there is about a 150% chance you’ll be peed or pooped on in your life. I suppose that’s why someone invented this. But really, it seems to me it would be more trouble than it’s worth. By the time you get it ready, hold it up and cover that little wee wee, the pee is bound to be flying all over anyway!

If you think your almost-a-mom friend would get a kick out of this, you can find a pack on Amazon.com.

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6. Billy Bob Grillz Pacifier

Have a mom-to-be friend who is a little…gangsta? She’ll probably love this pacifier. If she’s all about luxury, then surely she’ll want to fill her baby’s mouth with gold, right? The interesting thing is, this product says it is for ages “3 months to 99 years,” so I guess after the baby loses his baby teeth, he can suck on this until his adult teeth come in.

You can see the other style this pacifier comes in by visiting Amazon.com. Holla!

source: Joker Greeting

7. Nonstop Baby Crying Card

What is something parents absolutely hate? A baby who won’t stop crying. For first time moms, a reality check might be the perfect baby shower gift, and this card is a great way to give them that. Once you pull the tab to engage the card, it plays the sound of a baby crying for more than 3 hours. Even when the card is closed. But worst of all, it starts playing louder when the button is pushed to try and stop it! This card is so, so bad. But it’s also so so good!

Send one to your baby shower guest of honor by purchasing it from Joker Greeting. The company has other prank card items to look at too.

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