7 Reasons You’ll Love Baby Wearing

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I didn’t really know anything about baby wearing when my little girl was born, but I knew without a doubt I wanted to do it. Thankfully there is tons of information and many carriers on the market to make this the best possible experience for you and your babe. There are so many amazing advantages to baby wearing, not to mention the sweet snuggles that go hand in hand. I’ve listed a few of them below.


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1. Convenience

Can we all agree that being hands-free is amazing as mama? When you are used to doing everything with a babe on the hip, two hands is suddenly so much more efficient. I was amazed how much more I could get done when I wore my baby, instead trying to navigate tasks with a fussy baby who didn’t like to be put down. Also, throwing a light-weight baby carrier in your car or diaper bag is so much easier then lugging around a car seat or maneuvering a stroller in a crowded store.



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2. Keeps Germs Away

You know that moment when you’ve ventured outside with your precious newborn baby and you still have an anxious feeling anytime anyone asks to hold them for fear they will steal their newborn scent with their stinky perfume, or even worse, breathe on them? And horror of all horrors if someone sneezes or coughs! I remember once going home and instantly bathing my baby girl after she was around another child with a runny nose because I was so paranoid. Baby wearing helps ward off those germy hands and unwanted attention, and you don’t have to feel bad about no letting anyone else hold onto your tiny newborn. Who really is going to ask to hold a baby when they are cozied up in a carrier against moms chest?


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3. Sleep More

Most newborns prefer to be held when they sleep. And although I enjoyed binge watching Grey’s Anatomy for the first few months of my baby’s life while she snoozed away on my chest, I was truly stuck on days when I had tasks that had to get done. A lot of babies will sleep better and longer in a wrap or carrier, all the while you can get to your to-do list so you can snuggle and play while they are awake. Make sure you check how to safely use for whichever carrier you buy.


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4. Cry Less

This goes hand in hand with the sleep more. Baby wearing, especially the first few months, creates a safe and comfortable environment for your baby. They are used to being tucked up inside of you, so of course they want to be held 24/7. At least, thats what it feels like. If you have a particularly fussy baby, you should definitely check out baby wearing, as it may significantly decrease how much they cry.


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5. Easier For Breastfeeding

Wherever you stand on breastfeeding in public, one thing most of us can agree on is the fact it is not all that easy. With so many varying opinions, lack of nursing spaces and a busy on the go lifestyle it can be difficult for moms to nurse our sweet babes. Baby wearing is a helpful and discrete way to nurse while you are out, or even at home hands-free. Also, the closeness between you and your baby helps keep your milk production up. Follow your carriers instructions on how to nurse and baby wear safely.


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6. Decreases Chances Of Flat-Head Syndrome

Babies are born with a very soft skull, which considering the process of birth, is a very good thing. However, because they spend so much time on their back while they sleep, play and get transported around there is a risk of them developing flat-head syndrome. Wearing your baby will give will significantly decrease the chances of this happening.


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7. Great For You

Wearing your baby has just as many benefits for you as it does for your baby. A happy and content baby, means a deliriously happy and emotionally boosted mama, ready to take on the world. Well, mostly. Nothing quite gives us confidence like knowing we are caring for our child while tackling the “normal” everyday tasks life throws our way. If you feel yourself in a slump, slip on a carrier, snuggle that baby and get some fresh air, do some baby wearing yoga, or take a Target run with coffee in hand. I promise you will definitely brighten your mood!

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