9 Awesome Homemade Toys For Your Toddler

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It’s no secret that kids, and in particular toddlers, lose interest in toys quickly. They are also known for finding joy with non-toys, like bubble wrap and boxes. All that being said, it’s a struggle to buy toys for young kids because they can be a waste of money! As it turns out, you can make some pretty amazing toys that your kids will love, and save some money in the process. So take a look at our list and get creating!


1. Pom Pom Bucket

Little hands and fingers like to stay busy, and pom pom activities are great for dexterity. They are also super cheap! You can buy a large bag of multi-sized pom poms at your craft store for $5 for hours of fun. Take an old plastic snack container and carefully cut different sized holes in the lid. Then just give your toddler a handful of pom poms and have them push the pom poms through the hole! This is a great activity for home or on the go.


Source: Etsy.com

2. Busy Board

Before having a child, I’d never heard of a busy board. But I’ve since learned that they are an awesome toy that is the perfect match for your energetic toddler! Little kids love repetitive actions like clicking switches and turning door knobs, but you probably don’t want them wandering around the house doing that to your front door! If you take a piece of wood and attach all sorts of odds and ends to it, your toddler will stay busy for hours! You can learn more about busy boards from on of our very own Life As Mama articles right here!


Source: HomeMadeToast.com

3. Water Blob

Outside toys are just as awesome as inside, and even better if you can make it yourself. Meet the water blob. You’ve probably seen HUGE ones at camp, but this backyard version is an easy way for your kids to enjoy the grass while sitting on a huge water cushion Water blobs provide for hours of entertainment, especially on hot days. But the problem with most designs is they are short-lived. Check out HomeMadeToast.com for a 20-minute tutorial on making a leak-proof water blob!

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