9 Creative Crafts For The Olympics

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Ever since I was a child, I have loved watching the Olympics. It’s my dream to one day attend an event in person, but for now, I’ll settle with getting emotional and teary over the athlete videos and swell with pride as I watch my fellow countrymen compete. The Olympics are a special and rare time that our world comes together mostly in unity, and I want to instill a sense of appreciation for that in my daughter. Since she’s still only 3, we need to get a little creative because she doesn’t quite understand the ins and outs of diving scores (or Olympic Committee scandals)! I’ve found some great crafts for the kiddos that will keep them busy while you’re catching up on rhythmic gymnastics!


Source: KatesCreativeSpace.com

1. Olympic Torch

The Olympic Torch is an iconic symbol for the Olympics and that’s why it makes a great craft for the kids, especially in the days leading up to the Games. Simple tissue paper in flame colors and a hefty piece of card stock are all you need to fashion your own torch. After the kids are done, send them out to run some laps and bear their torch with pride!

KatesCreativeSpace.com has this awesome craft and 2 more that are perfect for the Olympic games!


Source: MakingLearningFun.com

2. Tissue Paper Olympic Rings

If you have younger kids, this tissue paper olympic ring activity is perfect. Cut small tissue squares in the colors of the Olympic rings (so, blue, black, red, green and yellow in case you don’t know!) and then have your kids crinkle, dip in glue and paste onto the rings. If your kids aren’t a fan of the tissue paper or its still a little too advanced, just hand them some crayons for a festive coloring activity.

Be sure to visit MakingLearningFun.com to download this free printable!


Source: ICanTeachMyChild.com

3. Olympic Medals

Ok, this craft is so cool I want to make it for myself! Everyone loves watching the medal ceremonies and that’s why this craft will be a winner in your house. It’s probably an “older kid” kinda craft because it involves making dough from scratch and a lot of wait time for it to cool and then eventually dry. Regardless, this is an awesome craft that will have the kiddos aspiring to compete in the next Olympic games!

ICanTeachMyChild.com has an awesome list of other Olympic crafts, so be sure to head over!

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