9 Easy Yoga Poses To Battle Stress & Anxiety

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Stress and anxiety are a part of life, and if you’re a mom- a frequent part. We all have ways to relieve stress but some may not be possible at all hours of the day (yes, I see you with that glass of wine in your hand!). A great way to combat stress and anxiety is the practice of yoga. Yoga is most beneficial when you are not just conscious of the motions you are doing, but moving slowly and with a focus on your breathing and mind. There are many poses that not only help your body release tension, but your mind to settle down as well. You can do these practically anywhere and for as little or long as you like.  Your body and mind will thank you!


Source: Shape.com

1. Legs Up The Wall

This is a wonderful pose to start out your de-stress routine. Lay with your feet against the wall, bottom touching as well, with your arms down to your sides. Take deep breaths to both center your mind and calm down. This pose helps you physically by refreshing your circulation and relaxes your nervous system.

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2. Downward Dog

Downward Dog is a great stress reliever, providing you ample time to rest your mind and stretch out tense muscles caused by anxiety. Begin in a standing position and exhale as you bend down, placing your hands with fingers outstretched, on the mat shoulder-width apart. Reach your legs back, stretching them so your knees are not bent but so they are aligned with your hands, also shoulder- width apart.  Breathe slowly for 60 seconds and repeat for ultimate relief.

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3. Cat/Cow

If you are stressed, you are probably holding on to it physically in your pelvis, neck and back. Using the combo of cat and cow poses helps to relieve stress build up in these areas. Begin with your hands and knees on your mat in a tabletop position, both in alignment with each other. Round your back up towards the ceiling (resembling a cat), but dropping your tailbone and head to the ground. Then do the reverse and arch your back down, with your head and tailbone reaching towards the sky. Repeat.

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