9 Hilarious Instagram Accounts You Should Probably Follow Right Now

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Whether it’s a guilty pleasure or you’re very open about how you spend your free time, getting a good laugh out of a hilarious Instagram account can be just what your soul needs after yet another tantrum-filled afternoon with your kids. Sure, you can always scroll down your list of friends like like usual, but why not add a little spice to your news feed? Check out some of the most popular and hilarious instagram accounts out there, and get a few laughs in the process!


1. @socalitybarbie

Everyone has at least 1 hipster friend and let’s be honest, their Instagram posts are a little repetitive. It’s always an organic cup of coffee, or a selfie with a beanie, or a serene photo overlooking some beach or mountain. Socality Barbie pokes fun at the hipster life, and its just too darn funny.

2. @crazyjewishmom

I’m not Jewish but I have some Jewish friends and I watch the Big Bang Theory (hello, Mrs. Walowitz!), so you can bet I understand the stereotypical Jewish mom. Carazy! Kate Siegal posts actual messages and mishaps with her hilarious Jewish mama that will keep you in stitches and grateful for you own mother.

WHAT DO YOU WANT FROM DOWNSTAIRS AT 9 AM ON A SUNDAY?!??? #crazyjewishmom A photo posted by Crazy Jewish Mom (@crazyjewishmom) on

3. @miserable_men

Look, we all prefer to shop without our men, but sometimes we  just can’t. This Instagram account captures the real life struggles of men who are forced to shop and wait for their women.

He seems to be enjoying his shopping trip.

A photo posted by Miserable Men (@miserable_men) on

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