9 Musical Crafts The Kids Will Love

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Little ones love to make noise, a fact that is somehow both totally adorable and completely nerve-wracking for just about every parent on the planet. Whether they are screaming at the top of their lungs or making top-notch noise makers out of their favorite toys, trying to get kiddos to be quiet all the time is a fruitless endeavor, so we as parents might as well embrace it. Why not allow your children to explore their artistic side and get them to stop banging on your favorite pots and pans by introducing them to these adorable musical crafts?


Source: muminthemadhouse.com

1. Rainbow Rainstick

Not only is this rainstick awesome and super fun to create, but it is also made using recycled materials as well, which makes it even cooler. To create, fill an old cardboard tube full of beans or rice, tape the ends, and decorate the entire tube with funky, colorful pieces of washi tape.

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2. Upcycled Drum

No active house-band is complete without an awesome drum. This one, made using a large old can and some vinyl fabric, is super cool, rustic looking, and noisy enough to make any tot happy as a clam.

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3. Craft Stick Harmonicas

Whether your family is gathered around a summer campfire or just hanging around the house, these popsicle stick harmonicas are fun for all. Building the actual harmonicas is as easy as it gets but letting your little ones decorate them to their liking is where the fun really comes in.

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