Adapting A Routine As A New Mom

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Being a new mom can be very overwhelming. Trying to juggle diaper changes, feeding, and sleep training all while managing a household is enough to drive any woman to her breaking point.

The key to finding balance as a new mom is to create balance in your daily schedule and begin a routine that is structured yet manageable. Although a baby’s sleep patterns are notoriously erratic, there are many parenting-expert-approved methods that can help you care for your bundle of joy while also keeping your own health and wellness in check.

Read on to find out some great strategies you can use when it comes to making your new life a little less chaotic.

Sleep is Important

new mom

As previously mentioned, your baby’s sleep schedule won’t match with the normal seven to eight hours you’re used to getting every night. Very often, a baby will be up every two to three hours either needing to be fed or changed. Knowing this, you should align your sleep schedule with your child. Whenever they are asleep, whether that be at night or in the middle of the afternoon, you should try to get some shut-eye as well. This may be difficult at first, but being refreshed and energized to care for your baby is what’s most important the first few months of motherhood.

Sleep training is essential, and this process should begin after four to six months of giving birth. Before this time, catering to their sleep patterns will be beneficial for new moms and their babies.

Organize Your Home Accordingly

Once you’ve had a week or two of caring for your baby, you’ll begin realizing what you need and when you’ll need it. Keeping all of your baby’s needs, whether it be diapers, wipes, or other hygiene products on hand around the house will make them easier to access.

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Having two of everything can be beneficial for those in a two-story home to limit the number of times you go up and down stairs each day. Having designated areas for feeding, changing and sleeping make organizing much easier. Don’t tire yourself out having to run around the house all day to find and get what you need.

Leave Yourself Time to Get Ready

Although it may seem like an extra hassle and not pertinent at first, your health and hygiene is very important and should be taken seriously. Finding half an hour a day to shower, get dressed and do any additional prep will help kick-start your mind and body. And if you prefer night time showers, do so once you’ve put your child to bed as it may help you fall asleep easier.

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Many new moms may experience breakouts and even hair loss from the stresses of parenting, along with the lack of focus they have on their own personal care the first few months after childbirth.If you find that the new mom stressors are taking control of your appearance, try incorporating a new acne cream into your skin care routine and a shampoo that prevents shedding into your hair routine.

Find the Right Child Care

Finding the right person or care facility can be very difficult as all mothers want the best for their children. It’s an extensive process, and on top of all your other responsibilities, it can seem daunting. But it’s important that while vetting candidates, you make sure that they will be able to continue the routine you’ve started with your child. Validate that they will be able to feed, bathe, and put them down for a nap effectively and within the time schedule you’ve adopted to ensure an easy transition each day.

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Having your child’s sleep schedule altered by your nanny or daycare service will make your life much harder and more stressful. Refusing to settle for the cheapest or most readily available caretaker may take some initial time and effort, but it will pay off in the long-run.

Trust Your New Mom Instincts

Many new moms will at some point question their decisions as a parent and question if what they are doing is wrong. The truth of the matter is you should never doubt yourself and should trust your motherly instincts. You’ve done the research, read the books and asked for advice, but at the end of the day, only you can decide what is best for your child.

Although it may seem that your life completely revolves around your baby’s care, you can’t neglect yourself and your needs. Don’t be afraid to reach out and ask for help when you need it, and set a daily routine that works for you and your well-being. Take a deep breath, relax and know that you are the best mother you can be.


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