9 Of The Most Tasty Empanada Recipes Ever

empanada recipes

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Pinterest has reported that this year, over 1.5 million people are pinning empanada recipes- that’s a lot of empanadas! If you’ve ever tried one of these Latin American or Spanish treats then you know first-hand how tasty they are. Flaky or crispy bread covers a delicious mixture of meat, veggies and spices and makes for one amazing meal. We’ve rounded up some of the most appetizing empanada recipes we’ve found. Bon apétit!

empanada recipes

Source: BunsInMyOven.com

1. Carnitas Empanadas With Avocado Crema

This little pockets are packed with spicy carnitas and made from a homemade dough that the writer says, is near impossible to mess up. Served with fluffy, homemade avocado crema sauce and I think this is going to be my new favorite dinner, snack, late night snack, all the snacks…

Check out BunsInMyOven.com for more amazing recipes for both bakers and chefs alike!

empandads recipes


Source: GoodieGodmother.com

2. Spinach And Feta Empanadas

This empanada is an Italian take on the traditional Latin version. Spinach, roasted tomatoes and tasty feta cheese are all sauteed and then added to empanada discos, then fried to perfection. Enjoy toasty and warm!

Get your hands on this recipe from GoodieGodmother.com, You’ll find tons of other amazing ideas from dessert to dinner.

empanada recipes

Source: CookingForKeeps.com

3. Chicken Enchilada Empanadas

Pulled chicken and homemade enchilada sauce come together in this mashup of two favorite Mexican dishes: the empanada and enchiladas. Throw together, bake and then serve with extra enchilada sauce and add your favorite toppings.

Grab this other and many other tasty treats from CookingForKeeps.com.

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