8 Essential Oil Diffuser Blends That Are Perfect For Fall

fall essential oil diffuser blends

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One of my favorite things about the Fall are the warm smells: pumpkin, spice and pretty much everything nice. I have to admit that I’m an avid candle lover, but with a 4-year old in the house, it does tend to make me nervous to have one burning when she’s running around playing. In the last few years, I’ve also come to love essential oils for their therapeutic properties and also for diffusing in my home and making it smell wonderful. Not only does my house smell better, but it feels better too because of the properties of the oils. I am not a proponent of any one brand of oil, and I believe that you should do your own research when it comes to buying the oils that work for both your family and budget. You don’t need to spend a fortune to find EO’s that will work for you! Here are some of my favorite essential oil diffuser blends that are perfect for the upcoming Fall weather!

essential oil diffuser blends

Source: FamilyFoodGarden.com

1. Pumpkin Pie

The oils in this diffuser recipe sound more like baking supplies, and that’s why it’s going to smell amazing! Cinnamon, clove, and nutmeg are the only oils you need to get your home smelling like pumpkin pie- without the hassle of baking one!

FamilyFoodGarden.com has lots of information on using essential oils. Head over and scroll all the way to the bottom of her page to see lots of recipes for diffusing all year long.

essential oil diffuser blends

Source: FabulousFarmGirl.com

2. Mulled Cider

It only takes 3 oils to diffuse a scent that makes you feel like you wrapping yourself in a warm cup of cider! This is a great diffuser blend for chilly days, and will make your whole home feel warm and toasty. All you need is orange, cinnamon and clove- three oils that are very versatile and can be used in lots of other blends and ways.

FabulousFarmGirl.com has even more diffuser blends, for all season!

essential oil diffuser blends

Source: UnskinnyBoppy.com

3. Walk In The Woods

Autumn isn’t just about staying inside and drinking hot apple cider. It’s also about getting out and listening to the leaves crunch under your feet and smelling the cool air that’s been so absent in the hot summer months. Cypress, white fir and sandlewood are super refreshing oils that will make you feel cool, calm and collected. What mama doesn’t need that?

You’ll find both autumn and winter diffuser recipes over at UnskinnyBoppy.com!

essential oil diffuser blends

Source: OneEssentialCommunity.com

4. Apple Pie

Baked goods are one of the best things about autumn, especially warm apple pie! While this particular diffuser blend doesn’t actually have any essence of apple, it’s got all the spices that make you feel warm and fuzzy- just like a homemade apple pie.

Be sure to visit OneEssentialCommunity.com for 19 more autumn diffuser recipes and other essential oil tips and tricks.

essential oil diffuser blends

Source: DontMessWithMama.com

5. Fall Spice

You could simmer oranges and cinnamon sticks easily on the stove, but you don’t really need to with this diffuser blend.

You’ll find great printables and 9 more fall essential oil diffuser recipes at DontMessWithMama.com.

essential oil diffuser blends

Source: BestEssentialOils.com

6. Autumn Meadows

Here’s another delightful smelling blend that reminds you of the fresh weather that Fall brings. The Juniper Berry and Cypress are clean smells that will really bring your home a fresh feel.

We found this blend over at BestEssentialOils.com, a site with tons of useful tips on essential oils.

essential oil diffuser blends

Source: HelloGlow.co

7. Fall Wreath

The greenery of Fall is yet another bonus to this special season. Rosemary, tea tree oil, eucalyptus, fir and peppermint all make up this diffuser blend that’s pretty much going to make you feel like you’re walking in a lovely forest.

Head to HelloGlow.co for more tips on beauty, food and wellness.

essential oil diffuser blends

Source: StephanieBlue.com

8. Cinnamon Bun

I don’t know about you, but I’ve never met a cinnamon bun I didn’t like. I especially love the smell of a warm one that’s baking in the oven! If you want your home to take on the smell of a bakery, then diffuse this blend, and do it fast.

You’ll find 5 more fabulous diffuser blend recipes at StephanieBlue.com.


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8 Essential Oil Diffuser Blends That Are Perfect For Fall

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