10 Fairy Gardens That Will Make You Want To Start Your Own

fairy garden

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Fairy gardens have been around for years, but this year they are taking off in popularity. Created in pots, planters, wheelbarrows and wagons, the fairy garden is a whimsical miniature garden that caters to the magical nature of the fairy. If you love fairies, you’re not alone! Many people are whipping up fabulous-looking gardens, complete with houses, bridges and gorgeous greenery. We’ve rounded up a bunch of fairy gardens to spark your creativity and will undoubtedly make you want to start your own.

fairy gardens

Source: DecoraPatio.com

1. Colorful Fairy Garden

I flock to anything that’s bright and cheery and that’s why I love this first fairy design. This simple potted garden is perfect for either in or outdoors and has a beautiful assortment of succulents and a few whimsical fairy accessories. The colored rocks really steal the show and draw your attention to the heart of this garden.

You’ll find 79 more fairy garden designs over at DecoraPatio.com!

fairy gardens

Source: CraftsByAmanda.com

2. In Ground Fairy Garden

You don’t need a separate pot or space to make a fairy garden, especially if you have room in your own garden! The best part about this type of garden is all the room you have to do larger pieces, like the wood slices and larger plants seen in the fairy garden above. It’s beautiful!

CraftsByAmanda.com crated this gorgeous design, so head over to get a better peek!

fairy gardens

Source: StyleBluePrint.com

3. Wagon Fairy Garden

I love this vintage and mobile fairy garden, built inside and old wagon! From the handmade tree swing to the adorable table setting complete with plates and cake, this is a a luscious and more than livable garden for a fairy!

You HAVE to check out StyleBluePrint.com to see all the details of this amazing fairy garden!

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