5 Simple Groundhog Day Activities For Kids

groundhog day activities

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If you won’t be heading to Punxsatawney, Pennsylvania to watch groundhog Phil do his thing on February 2 this year, then chances are you’ll need some other fun ways to celebrate Groundhog Day. This day is a fun tradition when we rely on a little groundhog to tell us if we’ve got 6 more weeks of winter headed our way, or if we can start welcoming spring. We’ve found some fun ways for kids to get in on the action with these groundhog day activities.

groundhog day activities

Source: CraftyMorning.com

1. Groundhog Paper Plate Craft

Will Phil see his shadow or not? That’s always the question and one you can recreate with this cute paper craft plate. A little painting, strategic cutting into clouds and sun and then a cute groundhog are all you need to tell this year’s story.

Check out all the steps and more fun crafts at CraftyMorning.com.

groundhog day activities

Source: PinningWithPurpose.blogspot.com

2. Groundhog Mask

Get the total groundhog look by making a foam mask like the one pictured above! This would be the perfect accessory to watching the action take place on TV. It’s a simple craft that will take a little help from mom or dad, but is pretty darn cute.

See all the instructions at PinningWithPurpose.blogspot.com.

groundhog day activities

Source: Amazon.com

3. Read Some Groundhog Day Books

For littles who are too young for crafts, or for those who just love reading, picking up a few Groundhog Day books is a great way to spend the afternoon. There are tons of adorable short stories that tell the tale of the most famous groundhog, like we’ve found in this list from Simply Today Life.

groundhog day activities

Source: SomewhatSimple.com

4. Groundhog Stick Puppet

Don’t just read about Punxsutawney Phil, why not make a stick puppet to go with all your stories? Made from a cup, construction paper and a popsicle stick (to name a few), this is a great craft for older kids to do on their own. I can envision a puppet show in the near future, can’t you?

Find the simple instructions at SomewhatSimple.com.

groundhog day activities

Source: KidsActivitiesBlog.com

5. Groundhog Paper Bag Puppet

Speaking of puppets, how adorable is this groundhog paper bag puppet!? Made with supplies you probably already have at home, this paper bag puppet is sure to take your Groundhog day to the next level.

Check out the tutorial and hundreds of other activities at KidsActivitiesBlog.com.


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groundhog day activities

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