Easy Halloween Painted Rock Ideas For Kids

halloween painted rock

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Summer is nearly over and that means it’s totally ok to start thinking of ALL things Autumn. That means pumpkins, leaves, Halloween and Thanksgiving are totally on the table. Personally, I like to decorate my home starting September 1 (ok FINE. More like the last week of August because Summer- you’re DONE) in a Fall theme and then I basically leave it that way until the day after Thanksgiving and rip everything down for Christmas. I don’t really decorate for Halloween because I just don’t have the room to store mounds of decor. However, I’m completely on board with small, DIY projects and crafts that don’t take up room or even better- go OUTSIDE! Painting rocks is a wonderful craft for kids and is perfect for almost any age. With a little help from mom, these Halloween painted rock ideas will be the perfect way to spook up your home this coming October.

halloween painted rock

Source: EasyPeasyAndFun.com

1. Painted Ghost Rocks

These ghost rocks are simple and a great starter craft for young kids. A few coats of white craft paint on some smooth, round rocks is the base for these spooky guys. Then all you need is a permanent marker and maybe a little help from mom or big brother or sister to make some silly faces.

You can find even more fun crafts for all ages at EasyPeasyAndFun.com.

halloween painted rock

Source: BebeAndBear.com

2. Halloween Themed Rocks

Bats, tombstones and ghosts, oh my! The gang is all here with these fun Halloween-themed spookies. Your kids can easily create some of the simpler rocks in this bunch, like the ghosts and pumpkins. If you plan on getting involved, have fun with those mummies and bats!

Check out BebeAndBear.com for more fun activities, simple crafts and healthy recipes.

halloween painted rock

Source: KidsActivitiesBlog.com

3. Painted Pumpkin Rocks

You can’t go wrong with pumpkin or jack o’lantern themed rocks, especially since they are so easy to make! A couple of coats of bright orange paint and then some skillfully (or not so skillfully, depending on your kiddos!) applied permanent marker and you’ve got the perfect addition to your garden or front stoop.

KidsActivitiesBlog.com is one of the best resources around for educational and fun kids activities! Head over there to see how this craft can be incorporated into storytelling and math activities.

halloween painted rock

Source: Joann.com

4.  Glow In The Dark Rocks

Halloween is all about creepy crawlies and things that go bump in the night. Up your painted rock game by using glow in the dark paint! Your spooky friends will show up day or night, and make a nice addition to your garden too!

You can find all the supplies you need to Halloween painted rocks at Joann.com.

halloween painted rock

Source: ThisHeartOfMineBlog.com

5. Halloween Rock Magnets

My daughter still loves playing with magnets on the fridge and it comes in handy when I’m trying to make dinner. That’s why I love these Halloween rock MAGNETS! Pick out the smaller and more lightweight of your rocks for this craft, painting them in Halloween colors. Draw on some scary faces and then use a heavy duty adhesive to apply magnets to the back. These are perfect for hanging up Fall themed school stuff and even more so for your kids to play with while you get things going in the kitchen.

You’ll find all the instructions for this fun craft at ThisHeartOfMineBlog.com.

halloween painted rock

Source: Instructables.com

6.  Rock Mummies

These Mummy rocks look more difficult than they really are, and no one can deny how creepy they look! After you’ve painted a white base, all you need to do is draw some lines all over the rock and paint in a few of those rectangles. Then use some yellow paint to make a few eyes. This would be a good project for your older kids!

Find the detailed instructions at Instructables.com!

halloween painted rock

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