10 Instant Pot Recipes For Quick Dinners

instant pot dinners

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No matter the time of year, it’s common for moms to find themselves at a loss for time when it comes to making dinner, and I feel like that is one of the major factors behind the popularity of American’s newest favorite kitchen appliance, the Instant Pot. Pressure cooker, slow cooker, rice cooker and 4 more functions all combine in this counter friendly tool that is saving family dinners everywhere! If you’re new to the Instant Pot world, check out some of these awesome Instant Pot dinner recipes that are perfect for putting together a quick meal.

instant pot dinners

Source: LetsDishRecipes.com

1. Beef Stroganoff

Comfort food at it’s finest is a great place to start with your Instant Pot. Tender meat that’s been browned with mushrooms and onions and then tossed in to pressure cook are then laid on a bed of egg noodles. You’ll never have more tender meat then in this recipe, and all in 30 minutes!

Check out LetsDishRecipes.com for this recipe and other favorite home cooked meals made simple.

instant pot dinners

Source: SouthernFamilyFun.com

2. Chicken & Dumplings

Get ready for some warm and fuzzies because Chicken & Dumplings in the Instant Pot are here. Once you’ve prepped and browned your chicken, it’s seriously a matter of 5 minutes of pressure cooking to get this tummy warming meal served up.

Head over to SouthernFamilyFun.com for more recipes, travel and entertainment ideas!

instant pot dinners

Source: AdventuresOfANurse.com

3. Pot Roast

Pot Roast is an American favorite but we all know it’s for the patient eater. Using the Instant Pot, you can have all your favs in the form of meat, veggies and potatoes in 30 minutes! This recipe will give you tons of leftovers and I’m pretty sure no one will complain about that.

To get this recipe that’s been pinned more than 35,000 times, head over to AdventuresOfANurse.com.

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