7 Free Last Day Of School Photo Printables

last day of school photo

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Can you believe the end of the school year is here? This was my first year with a child in school and I can tell you that I wasn’t ready for all the emotions: that time had flown so quickly, that my daughter had grown up so much, and strongest of all- what are we going to do all summer!? But it’s here whether I’m ready or not and I’ve always been a mom who marks every occasion with a few photos! At the beginning of the school year we posted on fun printables for your first day of school photos and we’re following up with one last round for the end of the year! Check out our roundup of awesome last day of school photo printables!

last day of school photo printables

Source: BombshellBling.com

1. Simple & Bright

No more books, no more class… Let’s just get this party started with this simple and bright “last day of…” sign! The designer is so kind, she’s made signs from preschool all the way to 6th grade!

Head over to BombshellBling.com to download for free. You can also find the same style for the first day of school, IF you like to plan ahead (i.e. dream of when things will be back to normal).

last day of school photo printables

Source: TheQuietGrove.com

2. Florals

I’ve NEVER seen last day of school printable like this and can I just say- GORGEOUS!? You can bet I’ll be using this next year because it’s so unconventional! If you like to class it up for your kids photo opps, then run over to TheQuietGrove.com right now. The designer also has 4 other free printables just for you!

last day of school photo printables

Source: BurlapAndBlue.com

3. Chalkboard & Brush Lettering

Bounce and Brush lettering as super popular for styled signs right now, and that’s why this chalkboard sign is giving my previous floral design a rush for it’s money. Everyone agrees that chalkboards are the perfect representation of school and the modern addition of the lettering makes this sign all the more cute.

You can download pre-K through 12th grade over at BurlapAndBlue.com!

last day of school photo printables

Source: CatchMyParty.com

4. Notebook

I love this homage to school! Designed on “notebook” paper, this sign is the perfect way to say goodbye to school and hello to summer!

Snag your free printables at CatchMyParty.com!

last day of school photo printables

Source: Who-Arted.com

5. Numerically Simple

While the photo above shows the FIRST day of school, the designer over at Who-Arted.com (tee hee hee, love this play on words) has done a complete list of “last day” versions as well. If you’re all about the simple, this simple numerical design is perfect for you!

last day of school printables

Source: Hip2Save.com

6. School Supplies

I love this graphic version of a last day of school printable. It’s got everything, although I bet your kids are happy to put everything away for a few months and enjoy the hot sunshine.

You’ll find this fun printable from preschool all the way to college over at Hip2Save.com!

last day of school photo printables

Source: DesignsByNicolina.blogspot.com

7. Bold and Proud

Nothing says “it’s over” better than this bold sign! I love that you can use this for any school aged child and for any year. This just screams “welcome summer!”

Head over to DesignsByNicolina.blogspot.com to grab this design for yourself, as well as a matching “first day of school” version for the Fall.

last day of school photo printables

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