7 Meal Planning Services That Actually Make You Excited For Dinner

meal planning services

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Moms are busier than ever balancing work, kids and their personal life. And it only gets crazier the older our kids get! When it comes to planning and executing dinner it can be stressful and frustrating to come up with new ideas that are kid-approved. Sure, you could sign up for one of those meal delivery services that come in a cool refrigerated box, but those get pretty expensive once that free coupon runs out. That’s why we love meal planning services that help take the guesswork out of planning your entire weekly menu. We’ve rounded up the best high quality and affordable options to make dinner as smooth as possible.

meal planning services


As a leader in the meal planning sector, eMeals offers the most variety when it comes to menu choices. As a subscriber, you can pick from options like Diabetic, Budget Friendly, 30-Minute Meals, Kid Friendly and Slow Cooker focused menus. Perhaps one of the coolest features is that you can also shop by grocery store, meaning eMeals will plan meals around your local supermarkets sales and availability. It’s a truly unique option that no other meal planning service has. Prices start at $5 a month and you can try it for free for 14 days. Head to eMeals to see more info.

2. Relish

Not all families are the same, and Relish is one of the only meal planning services that allows you to scale your meal size from 2-8 people (and your shopping list gets automatically updated too!). Once you get your weekly menu, you can also edit and add meal sides to accomodate your picky eaters. Relish also offers a freezer prep section to help stock your freezer and they even give you labels too! Check out the other amazing benefits at Relish.

3. No More To-Go

With two weeks free, there’s no reason you shouldn’t try out No More To-Go’s meal planning services. Paid options include 3, 6 and 12-month periods that cap out at $64 total, which is money well spent when you consider the headaches you’re saving from stressing over dinner. When you join, you’ll receive 5 weekly meals (because who cooks 7 nights a week?) and corresponding grocery lists that are organized by department to help you shop efficiently. Instructions are easy to follow and most meals only take 30 minutes from prep to table. Visit No More To-Go to sign up!

4. Deliciously Organic

Starting out at $6 a month, Deliciously Organic’s meal plans cover their Classic, Paleo, Gluten-free, Grain-free and All Access options. You can expect to get get a slew of helpful information in addition to the weekly 5 dinners, such as a few extra dessert and snack recipe, shopping lists, recipes that are kid-friendly and more. DO’s recipes utilize ingredients that are organic, use healthy fats, seeds, nuts and unprocessed sweeteners. If you’re looking to eat organic and more healthy all around, head to Deliciously Organic.

5. Cook Smarts

A subscription to Cook Smarts gives you 4 meal plans for the price of one, because each of their meals has a gluten free, paleo and vegetarian option. I also like to call this the “mom plan” because it often feels like every member of the family wants something different! You can get your first three meals for free, and then monthly fees range from $6-8 depending on your plan. You get access to tons of goodies, like their 1-Click grocery list, cooking videos, and access to all their meal archives dating back to May 2013! There are even more benefits to joining, so visit Cook Smarts to see them all.

6. PlateJoy

PlateJoy uses their own lifestyle quiz that addresses your time available for cooking, health goals and more to determine the best meal plan for you. Some of their menu options include batch cooking, clean eating, peanut free, food allergies and quick & easy plans. Using the info from your quiz, PlateJoy seeks to offer better portion sizing and gives you access to their in-house nutritionist if you have questions. Check out all the other ways PlateJoy is set apart from other meal planning services!

7. The Fresh 20

Each week you’ll receive a shopping list that has 20 fresh ingredients that takes 20 minutes (or less) to shop for. There are no processed or frozen foods, which means no preservatives! Then all you need is 1 hour to prep the entire week’s worth of meals so they’re ready to go on the day of. Dinners are family friendly and fun for the whole gang to cook. If you’re looking to cut out processed foods The Fresh 20 is a great way to start.


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meal planning services

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