Easter is around the corner and dying eggs is a tradition in most homes. If you’re like me, you run out to the store to buy those pre-boxed packages of dying tablets to color your eggs simply and quickly. But what if there was another way? Before PAAS dying kits graced the shelves of our big box stores, people dyed their eggs naturally using fruits and vegetables from home. And it’s not as difficult as you think!

When it comes to picking foods to dye your eggs, think of the bright fruits and veggies you eat already- rich-colored cabbage, bright blueberries and crisp carrots. They make perfect colors for eggs! The video below from HGTV Handmade shows how simple it is to naturally dye Easter eggs this holiday.

While this technique definitely requires a little more patience because you have to make the dye AND wait overnight for the eggs to really absorb the color, you can rest easy that there are no artificial dyes or chemicals coating your eggs. This method may best be used if you’re dying eggs for your own enjoyment, or for older kids who can stand to wait the 12 hour process for the eggs to be done. I can’t see a toddler being okay with waiting overnight to pull out their eggs, can you?

So, will you use this process to naturally dye Easter eggs this year? Let us know in our comments!



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