These 6 Apps Make the Best Mother’s Day Gifts

Mother's Day

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Mother’s Day is right around the corner — May 12th this year — which means you’re running out of time to find your mom the perfect gift. Instead of heading to the Hallmark Store or Amazon, why not take a look at these apps that can help you create the best Mother’s Day gifts? There’s a wide variety of options here, so you’re sure to find something your mom will love.

1. Zeel

Is there anything better for Mother’s Day than a massage? You don’t have to drag your mom out of the house to a massage therapist, though. Zeel brings one home to you. You can gift mom a treatment from the app, and they’ll come right to her door. You don’t have to worry that you’re inviting some creep to mom’s house, through — all the therapists are certified and ID verified, so they’re professionals.

As a side note, I’m hinting about this one to my husband. I would love a massage for Mother’s Day. Hint hint, wink wink, nudge nudge.

Mother's Day

2. Adorama Photo Book Designer

Whether it’s filled with your own baby photos or pictures of the kids and grandkids, a photo book can make a great Mother’s Day gift. Instead of trying to print and bind your own, or struggling to do it at Walmart and ending up with an inferior quality product, Adorama Photo Book Designer gives you the tools to build a high-quality photo book right from your smartphone.

Choose photos from your phone library or your social media pages. It even syncs to Amazon Cloud and Flickr, so no matter where you have your photos saved, you can pull them up. The auto-build tool helps you put together the perfect book in seconds, and you can have it delivered right to mom’s door.

3. BloomThat

It can be hard to find flowers locally during the week leading up to Mother’s Day. Everyone and their brother is trying to buy blooms for their mom, which could leave her favorite blossoms in short supply. Instead of fighting with cross-country deliveries or last-minute cancellations, download BloomThat. This easy-to-use app gives you the option to order flowers and know they’ll be delivered in time for the holiday, no matter how far you are from home. Let’s be honest here — who doesn’t love getting fresh flowers?

Mother's Day

4. DoorDash

If you’re not the best cook but still want to do something special for mom this Mother’s Day, you don’t have to try to find a table at a local restaurant. Download DoorDash and have a special Mother’s Day dinner delivered right to her home. Thankfully, you’re not limited to fast food with this app. Find something unique and have it delivered instead of fighting through the massive restaurant crowds, and enjoy a quiet meal at home instead.

DoorDash is available in hundreds of cities, with more popping up every day. If this particular app doesn’t deliver to mom’s, you’re not without options. Grubhub, Uber Eats and more all offer the same service in different areas.

5. Minibar

What is Mother’s Day without a bottle of wine or some other stiff adult beverage? You can swing by the liquor store on the way to mom’s, or you can use Minibar and have her favorite wine or liquor delivered right to her door. In some cities, you can even have the booze delivered in an hour or less.

If you’re worried you might forget to order, you can schedule your shipments up to two weeks in advance. Do it now while you’re thinking about it and have it delivered just in time for Mother’s Day.

Mother's Day

6. Gyft

If you’re not sure what to get for mom, a gift card is always a good option — but which one do you buy? Gyft takes the guesswork out of finding the right thing. If you’re not sure what store mom would enjoy the most, you can buy Gyft credit and send it to her. From there, she can pick and choose any gift card from hundreds of different stores, then use it either online or in person.

Gyft is also extremely useful if you tend to lose plastic gift cards. Entering them on your account keeps track of balances, so you won’t lose out on those precious dollars if you happen to lose the card.

There’s Still Time 

Whether you’re planning a meal for mom or building her a photo book, you don’t have a lot of time left. Mother’s Day is May 12th this year, and those minutes are ticking away. Take a look at some of these apps to help you find the perfect gift for your mom this Mother’s Day — or show the list to your husband so he can treat you for this holiday that’s all about you.

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