Twinsies! Top 10 Totally Cute Twin Costumes

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Halloween is a fun time to indulge in creativity and spend an evening dressed up as someone else. There is no shortage of costume options, and some parents get super creative. If you’re a parent of twins, then it can be twice the fun because you can pick coordinating and complementary costumes. We found a handful of ridiculously cute costumes that are perfect for your twin loves, so check them out! And bonus, you can probably get away with using these for siblings too, not just twins!



1. Sushi & Soy Sauce

This little pair is the perfect combo, just like soy sauce and sushi! This is one of the most creative costumes I’ve ever seen, and totally cute. If you love sushi, this costume is a great fit for your family. You can even pick different types of sushi to pair with your soy sauce!



2. Grammy & Grandpa

Oh.My. These are the cutest, youngest old people I’ve ever seen! Even if you don’t do the handmade walkers, you can easily outfit your twins with a set of pearls, suspenders and some cute hats. They will be the talk of the neighborhood!

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3. Cookies & Milk

Everyone’s favorite snack has been cookies and milk at one time or another, so it makes perfect sense to pair the duo with your twins! No one will have to do any guessing when it comes to the costumes and these are simply designed so your kids can move freely.

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