I was recently at a movie theater with my son, and there was a coin fountain in the middle of the lobby area. He wanted to throw coins in it, and occasionally asks me at home to have some coins to play with. He’s almost 3 1/2 now, so I’m thinking it might be time to start discussing the basics of money with him. Being the “threenager” that he is, organization is certainly not one of his strengths. However, I think that if he had a fun way to collect coins, he might be more responsible and make a bigger effort to take care of his things.

What better way to get kids excited about money than creating a cute piggy bank just for them? These DIY versions are such an easy way to use everyday objects to create a super fun bank that your kids will love collecting coins in!

source: Fireflies + Mud Pies

1. Superhero Mason Jar

It’s a bird, it’s a plane, it’s…whatever superhero you want! My little guy would love having a piggy bank like this! With a mason jar, a little spray paint, and your favorite good guy decal, you can make a coin bank that your boy will treasure for at least five minutes.

Head over to Fireflies + Mud Pies for more details on this project, as well as other fun ideas for kids!


source: Kix Cereal

2. Cereal Box Bank

Put those empty cereal boxes to use by making an adorable piggy bank for your kids. We go through lots of cereal in my house, so this is a project I should definitely try! All you need is a little construction paper, glue, pipe cleaners and googly eyes. Put it all together, and you’ve got a simple, kid-friendly piggy bank that will take a long time to fill up.

Check out the how-to on this project that Kix Cereal shares on their website.

source: A Mom’s Take

3. Shadow Box Bank

Not every child wants a silly, crafty piggy bank. Older children might enjoy one that is more artistic. This shadow box version is lovely! You can use printable artwork for the background, which is a great way to personalize it.

Take a look at the tutorial for this project at A Mom’s Take. You’ll find lots of other fun ideas there too!

source: BrightNest

4. Airplane Bank

For miniature aviators, this airplane bank is such a cute idea! My little guy loves playing with airplanes, and gets excited at the thought of going on a real one. I mean, how much fun would it be to fly this guy around when he’s full of coins? Talk about a lesson in science, too!

Take a look at BrightNest to get all the information on crafting one of these, and check out the other ideas while you’re there.

source: Que Rica Vida

5. Coffee Container Bank

Have some empty coffee containers lying around? Now you can recycle them in the form of a cute piggy bank for your kids! If you don’t drink coffee like me (I know, please hold your judgment), an empty cake frosting container works too. You’ll also need scrapbook/construction paper, glue, double-sided tape and scissors.

Get the full 4-1-1 on this DIY over at Que Rica Vida. Instructions are also available in Spanish, so share this project with your amigas who might be interested!

source: a little tipsy

6. Water Bottle Bank

Talk about taking the term piggy bank literally! This Martha Stewart inspired DIY is super cute, and perfect for teaching kids about money and animals. You could turn this bank into any animal that you want by getting a little more creative. But if standard piggies tickle your fancy, give this guy a try!

You’ll find everything you need for making this over at a little tipsy. (Just don’t head over there while you’re tipsy.)


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