I absolutely love off the shoulder tops and dresses. During the spring and summer, they succeed in helping to keep me cool and adding a little bit of sass to my outfit. There’s something so delicately classic about showing off your shoulders that almost makes me want to cut the tops off of every shirt I own! Alas, that probably wouldn’t be very fashion-forward of me so I’ll have to stick to trying out styles like the ones on this list if I want to diversify my off the shoulder wardrobe.


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1. Flirty & Casual

Yes, it still counts as being off the shoulder if you have a couple cute little straps holding the shirt up. This beautiful periwinkle blouse has a simplistic, but flirty, style that pairs perfectly with a pair of nice skinny jeans and nude accessories. Nothing about this outfit is particularly extravagant which makes it perfect for a casual dinner date or spring day brunch.

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Glamorous fashion

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2. Old Hollywood Flair

Sometimes, there is a very fine line between glamorous and just too much. This ensemble manages to toe that line beautifully. A simple, black off the shoulder top is tucked into a black midi skirt and paired with minimal matching accessories and a simple pair of black pumps. The gorgeous designs on the skirt keep the all black ensemble from being drab, while the off the shoulder top adds tons of flair.

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Dress Fashion

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3. Easy, Breezy, Beautiful

When it comes to fashion, you seriously can’t go wrong with a nice, simple dress. Notoriously easy to style and super versatile, off the shoulder dresses like this one can be worn just about anywhere. Something with a nice, flowing shape looks fantastic on every shape. You can dress it up with a pair of nice heels and a clutch bag or make it a little more casual with a cross-body purse and some flats.

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Shorts Style

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4. Hidden details

A little preppy, super cute, and great for a warm day, even at face value every part of this outfit works well together. But, the devil is definitely in the details. Instead of choosing extremely eye-catching shoes or a large bag, accessories are kept to a muted minimum to draw attention to the adorable bow on the back of the off the shoulder top, the gorgeous dangling navy blue earrings, and the stylish hat.

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Off the shoulder blouse

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5. Boho Chic

Any excuse you have to let out your inner flower child is a good one! A long-sleeved off the shoulder top is paired with a long, flowy slitted skirt, silver flats, and a flower crown in this bohemian-style outfit. This outfit comes together without being too matchy-matchy or too disconnected. The carefully chosen colors work well together and even though the individual style of each component is a little different, it forms one very cohesive ensemble.

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6. Florals Are Forever

Much like dresses, rompers give you the freedom to look stylish without having to put too much work into it. This floral, off the shoulder romper has cute little straps that keep it up and falling sleeves that keep with the sweet theme. Casual rompers like this one can be paired with almost any combination of accessories and still look great. This is perfectly proven by the bright yellow purse, purple sunglasses, and myriad of wrist jewelry.


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