As much as we try, it’s not always easy to be fashionable in a winter coat, even when that coat is one of the more stylish ones. The cold fall and winter months are typically reserved warmth and comfort, but that doesn’t mean we have to abandon style altogether. Learn how to look stylish without sacrificing your warmth with this simple guide.



1. Utilize Your Sweater Collection

Pair one of your light but stylish coats with a big fluffy sweater. Choose colors that compliment each other, like pretty pink and off-white, but aren’t too close in nature. Not only will doing this keep you warm while you brave the snow, but the layers will allow you tons of freedom and transform your entire ensemble into something soft, chic, and winter-perfect.

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2. Choose A Coat With Attached Accessories

If you’re in the market for a new heavy-duty coat, try to find one that meets all of your comfort needs and provides a little something extra. The attached pom-poms and fuzzy hood on this coat, give the otherwise utilitarian garment a soft touch. While you can obviously wear this coat with a pair of jeans and your favorite sneakers, it would look just as great when paired with a flirty skirt and ankle booties.

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3. Leather Up

You can never go wrong with a classic leather jacket. If you live in a place where it gets more chilly than blistering during the winter, consider making a leather jacket (real or fake) your go-to winter jacket. When paired with the right clothes, a leather jacket can be sweet and simple or hold a little more edge. Color, length, and cut are all up to you, but it is almost impossible to look bad in one of these cool coats.

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4. Be A Little Dramatic

Sure, the thought of picking your kids up from school in a giant fluffy faux fur coat is a little daunting, but sometimes you have to take risks to look great. Much like leather jackets, fur coats are surprisingly versatile. Like the ensemble shown above, they can be paired with a pair of blue jeans and a sweater or thrown over a gorgeous little dress. They completely transform casual outfits into something automatically glamorous and the fact that they are ridiculously warm doesn’t hurt either.

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5. Embrace The Puff

Sometimes, long, puffy coats are unavoidable. In that case, it is important to embrace the puff. Keep the outfit under your coat cute but casual and use accessories to give your outfit a little “oomph”. Matching knee-high boots and a fun, statement purse are all you need, keep things simplistic, stylish, and most of all, comfortable.

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6. Make Your Coat The Focal Point

If your coat is bright, patterned, lengthy, or all of the above, making it the focal point of your outfit is a great choice. Doing something as simple as wearing all black and keeping your accessories to a minimum will allow you to let out your inner supermodel during your daily errands. make sure that the style of your outfit meshes well with your coat but don’t be afraid to get a little adventurous.

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