I’ve always been a person who doesn’t like plain, white walls or empty offices. I need color in my life! One of my favorite places to add design and personality is my office, whether it’s at work or in my office at home. This last week I decided my space needed some sprucing up, so I went out and found some inspiring and encouraging printables that are perfect for any desk area. They are bright and will hopefully motivate me to get some work done! I’m sharing some of these today, and hope you find some of them as the perfect way to add a little color to your life, and office.


Source: Eighteeen25.com

1. Motivational Watercolors

Sometimes a beautiful and cheery piece of wall art helps inspire you, and this collection of watercolor printables is no exception. With three phrases in varying colors, you’re bound to find a phrase that will not only brighten up your cubicle, but your attitude as well!

Run over to Eighteeen25.com to download these printables for free! You’ll also find tons of other amazing design and craft ideas.



Source: MantraBand.com

2. You Are Capable

There’s nothing like this motivational slogan to help you through that post-lunch slump, am I right? This simple black and white design is unobtrusive if you’ve already got a lot lining your office walls, but the meaning is probably one of the most powerful.

Snag this free printable over at MantraBand.com!


Source: EverythingEtsy.com

3. Be Awesome

Because no one can do your job better than you. Just be awesome, and encourage your coworkers to do the same!

You can find this printable (and MANY more) over at EverythingEtsy.com!


Source: Chicfetti.com

4. Grateful Heart

It’s easy to get caught up in the mumbling and grumbling of having to go to work. This printable is here to remind you first thing in the morning, how it’s best to start your day!

Chicfetti.com has this awesome printable and many more, so head over to unlock and download your own copy!


Source: LizOnCall.com

5. Whistle While You Work

Calling all Disney enthusiasts! This adorable printable is perfect for your “serious” office environment, but lets your true devotions shine through. Would you believe this was actually hand designed, and then made into a printable, just for you?

LizOnCall.com is the only person who can give you this printable, so head over and check out even more crafty ideas.


Source: ByDawnNicole.com

6 Do More

I love this simple design that perfectly coordinates in your office. Sometimes its difficult to find positive aspects of working, but if you think hard enough, you can integrate things you love. Do more of what you love!

ByDawnNicole.com has this design and more inspiring printables, perfect for your office and home.



Source: ReadHeadBabyMama.com

7. But First, Coffee

I don’t think this printable needs much further explanation. I’m going to use it as wallpaper in my home office, and maybe even as a sign on the door!

Snag this design for free over at ReadHeadBabyMama.com!


Source: BeInspiredCreative.com

8. Goal Digger

Your coworkers may do a double take on this “goal” digger printable, but I just love the inspirational and quirky phrase. It’s such a simple design and will fit in any size office.


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