Raising a child in this day and age, I have to admit I’m a little fearful of bringing up a technology-obsessed kid. Children get cell phones in elementary school, prefer texting over talking and seem to prefer indoor activities more than when I was a kid. While I definitely agree that as a parent, I have much control over just how much my daughter is allowed to use tablets, computers and phones it’s also just the times we live in. That being said, I’ll take any chance I can get to give her a childhood filled with running outside, imaginative play and arts and crafts! I was recently contacted by the makers of Dabber Dot Markers to provide a review on their product and I was very excited to give this product a try!

The Dabber Dot Markers and Activity Book were ordered off Amazon (affiliate link here) and came very quickly. They arrived in a clean and well wrapped plastic bag and all the markers were leak-free!


As you can see, my 3-year-old LOVES markers and was very excited that there was a package “just for her.”IMG_1375


We had but minutes to spare for me to open and appease my daughter by handing over the markers and activity book. I noticed right off the bat how quality the paper was in the activity book. It was thicker than regular paper, but not so stiff that the pages were difficult to turn over. I loved that the activities ranged from number and alphabets, to emotions and colors too! The nicest thing is having a huge book of activity sheets right away, and not having to buy an additional book or print off the Internet.

IMG_1376 IMG_1377 IMG_1378

Unlike other dot markers, the Dabber Dots come with EIGHT markers in 1 pack, and they are all SUPER colorful. They are such a great deal.


And, typical mom here, the best part is that the markers are washable! They are also non-toxic and dry quickly so you and your furniture don’t end up with dot ink all over πŸ™‚


A fresh marker has a plain white tip, and once your kiddos start using them it will become the color of the marker itself.


It was time to get dotting! One of the things I really appreciate about these dot markers is that the container actually narrows, so it’s easier for little hands to hold. Instead of being round all the way around, making it difficult to get a tight grip, this design seems to make it more comfortable to use.



Another bonus of the paper being so thick, is that there is minimal bleed through onto the next page. As you can see by the picture below, some of the dots are more saturated than others. Once my daughter got the hang of it, she wouldn’t press so long or hard on the paper and it wouldn’t get as wet.


There is only minimal bleeding, as you can see. If this had been regular paper, the subsequent page would have been ruined!IMG_1384

All in all, we’ve had this activity book and set of markers for several weeks, and my daughter still hasn’t completed the entire book!


This marker and activity book set is a great buy, especially for your little artist. They’ll love creating their own beautiful works of art, and you’ll enjoy watching them use their imagination.

I received the Dabber Dot Markers & Activity book at a discounted rate, but my thoughts and opinions are my own.


Karly Wood

Karly Wood

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