There is a lot of debate around whether or not leggings can actually take the place of “real” pants in popular fashion. Here at Life As Mama we always try to encourage everyone to walk to the beat of their own drum and make choices that work best for them. That being said, we also know how soft, comfortable, and all-around wonderful leggings are. Which means we veer on the side of ABSOLUTELY YES, when it comes to wearing leggings as pants (so long as you’ve got everything, ahem, covered). Especially if those leggings are outfitted with cool patterns. If you love your patterned tights but are at a loss on how to style them,we’ve got your back!



1. Pattern Mixing

Forget everything you’ve ever heard about mixing textures and patterns. When done correctly, mismatching patterns can really bring a look together in a super cohesive way. Along with mixing colors and patterns, the addition of a cute little pair of pumps also switches the style up a little bit. Adding a little flair to an otherwise casual outfit.

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2. Bright and Flowy

This ensemble is the perfect example of an early fall outfit. The flowy, layered top is gorgeous, textured, and just enough to keep warm and cozy during a slight fall chill. While the dark red coloring of the tights and the mustard yellow coloring of the shoes don’t technically match, they both blend perfectly with the neutral colors present in the outfits other elements. This outfit manages to be both simplistic and extremely stylish, while effortlessly covering up all your assets.

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3. Keep It Comfy

The layers in this outfit largely double as being both fashionable and functional. The thick, fluffy sweater is layered by an adorable but utilitarian vest and the patterned tights are layered with tall socks and knee-length boots. Instead of using the patterned leggings as the sole focal point of the ensemble, the olive green vest also shares the spotlight. The addition of the vest quickly transforms the outfit from cute, but one-dimensional, to chic and stylish.

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4. All Neutral

Leggings, while very versatile, are typically thought of as being universally casual. This outfit completely defies that idea. With the upscale heeled boots, the stylish jacket, and the simple but effective accessories, this outfit is quickly changed from casual to a little more sophisticated.

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5. Stay Understated

Keeping things simple is almost never the wrong choice, especially not when it comes to styling your patterned leggings. If you’re not into making big statements with your fashion choices, feel free to use your patterned leggings as the only focal point in your outfit. Keep your top, shoes, and accessories to one or two single, neutral colors and let your pants be the real star of the show.

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