One the best things about being a parent is watching our children learn how to do things on independently. While learning can come with frustration along the way (parent and child included), there’s nothing like seeing your child’s face light up when they learn something new.

California-based company, Training Wheels, believes that children learn the best by doing, and they are committed to creating products that help children become independent. Their newest product, Little Boost, is a support system that will help children climb safely into a vehicle. Little Boost effortlessly attaches to either a headrest or handle, and “offers the lift your child needs in order to climb into the car on his or her own” (direct quote from their Kickstarter campaign.) No need to touch car door trim, or use their car seat for leverage- your child can simply use the Little Boost to independently and safely get into the car and their car seat.


Little Boost is made with non-toxic and recycled materials. It’s designed to withstand extreme heat and UV rays, and even boasts antimicrobial qualities. That means, no transferring of germs from little hands! It’s also BPA and PVC free.

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Little Boost comes in two styles, a cute white elephant and a cheery sea foam happy face. It’s installed in seconds, and is adjustable so it can hang from 8-11 inches from the headrest (extended version that hangs up to 19″ coming too!).

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As a busy mom, I can’t wait to get one of these myself. It’s getting harder to lift my 30+ pound 3-year-old into the car, and especially when my hands are full. I can especially see the Little Boost as a perfect helper for pregnant moms, or moms with other young children who need to focus on getting infants strapped in while their youngsters try and climb in on their own.

There are so many ways you can help get Little Boost off the ground, so be sure to head over to their Kickstarter campaign page and grab the opportunity to get an Early Bird Little Boost!


Karly Wood

Karly Wood

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