As a busy mom, there’s nothing I like more than having a little time to myself. Having a three year old, this does not happen often. Moments like these are typically found when the day is all but done, and my bubbly girl has gone to bed. Personally, I find the best “me time” when I can pamper myself and not have to worry about smudging wet nails or scaring my daughter with a rejuvenating face mask. That’s why I was so excited to be the lucky recipient of the November S&G Beauty Box, through Crate Joy. This special subscription box is all about natural beauty products, and they don’t disappoint. The November box came with 6 items and here is my review!

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This month’s box was packed with goodies that included nail polish, lip scrub, a face mask, eye cream, hair serum and body scrub. All came properly sealed (no leaks, yay!) and in great looking packaging.img_2410

The first product I tried was the Candy Floss Lip Scrub, because hey, it’s winter and my lips are always dry. This is hands-down the best tasting lip scrub I’ve ever used! Simply dip your finger in the pot, grab some scrub, buff away and either rinse or eat. It’s all-natural so you don’t have to worry about pesky chemicals! I especially liked that it was safe to use because my 3 year old has super dry lips and she needed a little scrubby scrub too. Now, the only problem I have is keeping her away from using it all!


Next I tried the Cool As A Cucumber eye cream. It’s a vegan product that’s silky smooth and refreshing. I ran out of my regular anti-aging eye cream and have been using this in the meantime. I don’t necessarily see a difference in regards to firming of the skin, but it also isn’t calling itself an anti-aging product! I love that it’s super moisturizing and easy to apply.


I have pretty dry and curly hair so this next product really caught my attention, the Feed Your Shine Hair Serum. Guys, this is hard because I’ve never really had to write a less than positive review, but I just could not handle this product for one reason: It.Smelled.AWFUL. I mistakenly didn’t smell it before applying to my freshly washed hair and boy, did I ever regret it. The product says its naturally fragranced with Roman Chamomile oils, and I’m a regular essential oil user so I didn’t think twice. However, this did not resemble the aroma of Roman Chamomile in any way. Once I put it on, my hair smelled like a mixture of mold and cigarette smoke. I had my husband smell it to make sure it wasn’t just me and he agreed- smelly. I could barely stand the smell of this product, and no amount of hairspray, perfume or dry shampoo would cover it up. Sorry, Feed Your Shine, not for me!


I have pretty sensitive skin and even though all these products are all-natural, I was still a little nervous about trying a face mask. However this Josie & Hue “The White” clay face mask was awesome! It comes in a cute, glass jar (which I will totally be repurposing) and has TONS of product inside. You only need a little bit of the clay powder and a small amount of water. Mix together in your hand and then smooth in your face. Allow the mask to dry for 10-15 minutes and then rinse off. It left my skin feeling firm, and with no negative reaction on my sensitive skin. I will definitely be including this in my beauty regime going forward.


Next I tried the Joe Scrub, a “coffee-based” face and body product. Let me tell you, it’s straight up COFFEE! If you love the idea of walking around smelling like a cup of joe then this product is for you. The ingredients are probably all things you have in your pantry, like coffee and sea salt. I tried this scrub on my super dry hands and walked away with smoother skin and definitely the aroma of java. I recommend only using this at a sink or in the shower because it’s VERY messy. If you were to use this in the bath, you would definitely be floating in coffee grounds. I personally will only be using this as a spot scrub, not on my entire body. While I do love the smell of coffee, it’s just a bit strong for me to be covered in it.


The final product was a beautiful nail polish, Tied Down by Deco Miami. I’ll admit- I haven’t had time to actually sit and paint my nails without disruption so this product has been starting at me from my bathroom. Deco Miami makes this great polish 8-free, meaning it is free from the common chemicals found in most nail polishes! This is safe for everyone to use, even the kiddos. This shade reminds me of Chanel’s Vamp, but without the scary chemicals.


I have to say that this is a great box for moms or any beauty lover. The variety of products was amazing and the all-natural products make it safe for people with any skin type, especially sensitive skin like myself! I can also imagine this box being a great subscription to give as a gift! Who doesn’t love a box full of surprises every month?

If you’d like to check out the S&G Beauty Box for yourself, head over to Crate Joy!

I received this box for free, but all opinions are honest and my own.


Karly Wood

Karly Wood

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