With fall well underway and winter fast approaching, for many of us, fashion just means keeping as warm as possible during the colder months. Typically, sweatshirts are accompanied by jeans, sneakers, and sometimes heavy coats. And while those clothing items are comfortable, they definitely need to be enhanced upon if they want to be thought of as particularly chic. Whether your sweatshirts are fronted by cute cartoon character or glow neon pink, these tips will help you turn the simple fashion items into fashion statements.


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1. Mix It Up

Don’t be afraid to throw everything you thought you knew about styling sweatshirts to the wind. Think they don’t belong with a chic pair of pumps or underneath a stylish coat? Think again! With the right style choices, you can transform one of the most casual clothing items on the planet into something fun and chic. If it’s cold enough, try topping your sweatshirt with a vibrant, stylish coat. Pair with jeans to keep things calm and don a pair of strappy pumps to add a little flair. Don’t be afraid to play around with your accessories either, matching is so last century!

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2. Go Big

A sweatshirt that is ridiculously small for you is pretty much useless, but one that is too big for you can definitely be worked with. When added with a pair of tights or leggings and a nice collared shirt, a large sweatshirt can easily be turned into a very simplistic but fashionable ensemble. It can be paired with a pair of low-heeled boots, sneakers, or even heels if wanted. The possibilities are almost endless!

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3. Dress It Up

If you live in a place that stays at least moderately warm during the fall and winter months, or you run into one of those rare warm days, upstyling your favorite sweatshirt with a simple shift dress is a great option. Instead of hiding your sweatshirt, try making it the focal point of your outfit. Choose bold colors, funky accessories, and statement piece shoes. Combine the best of both worlds with comfort and style.

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4. Embrace The Prep

If you can’t beat ’em, join ’em! Sometimes all you need to upstyle your favorite sweatshirt is a few pops of color and a pair of clean white sneakers. Sometimes it’s better to worry less about being as chic as possible and more about being comfortable. In that case, the colorful collars, cuffed pants, and minimal accessories so present in preppy fashion the perfect pairing to your favorite comfy sweatshirt.

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5. Skirt Around

While it is true that high waisted skirts are typically paired with slightly more formal bloused and collard shirts, there’s no rule stating that they can’t also look great with a simple sweatshirt. Whether your outfit embodies festive Christmas colors or leans more on the neutral side, with the addition of a stylish pair of pumps and an eye-catching bag, your outfit can transform from simplistic to trendy in a moments time.

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6. Off The Wall

Often times, when we think of comfort in fashion, we tend to imagine jeans. Of course, they are super easy to style, versatile, and super comfortable, but they aren’t the end-all-be-all of comfortable clothes. Combining your simple sweatshirt with a fun but comfy pair of patterned trousers will keep your outfit fresh, fun, and incredibly stylish.

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