10 Adorable & Handmade Crib Mobiles

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Thanks to Pinterest, moms everywhere now do their research before buying a pre-fabbed baby item. You probably catch yourself wandering the aisle of big box stores and telling yourself, “I could make that” at every turn. Some projects end up amazing, while others result in wasting expensive craft supplies and turn out to be huge Pinterest fails. A popular craft many new moms undertake is making their own crib mobile. Gone are the days of light up mobiles, for they are being replaced by delicate and whimsical mobiles that are probably more for decoration than actual baby entertainment. We’ve rounded up some adorable mobiles that will get you in the crafting mood!


Source: MerelyMothers.com

1. “Paint Chip” Mobile

It turns out there are actually a slew of paint chip DIY projects, and a crib mobile is one of them. A typical paint “chip” really isn’t a chip at all, it’s those colored cards you can in the home improvement stores in the paint aisle. This crib mobile doesn’t actually use paint chips at all (but it was originally inspired by them!), because the amount you would need would probably surpass the free stash you’re allowed to take from Home Depot (about 400!). Use your favorite colored paper and some other basic supplies to get this gorgeous mobile.

MerelyMothers.com has the complete tutorial for this beautiful design. You’ll also get great advice on balancing mother hood with marriage and the rest of your life.


Source: LandOfNod.com

2. Galaxy Star Mobile

This mobile is sure to turn your little one into a star gazer. It’s perfectly customizable when it comes to color, so it will coordinate with your nursery wonderfully. I love the simple colored dowels and the thing thread that makes it look like it’s suspended in air!

Check out the blog at LandOfNod.com to get a full tutorial!


Source: MySparkle.blogspot.com

3. Felt Ball Mobile

I seriously love this mobile because it’s so bright, yet so simple. It looks like something you would buy in a boutique that is expensive, but really it’s just some wood branches, thread and wool, felt balls from a craft store! String them together and hang from the ceiling for a visual your baby, and even toddler, will love!

Check out even more photos at MySparkle.blogspot.com, along with simple instructions on making your own mobile.

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