10 Brilliant Ways To Clean With Vinegar

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If you can’t stand the smell of vinegar, try and plug your nose and watch this video. The people at “Clean My Space” have put together a video on some of the most creative ways to use vinegar that will make you question your immediate dislike of this safe household cleaner.  Did you know you can use vinegar to clean sticky residue off most anything, freshen up your shower supplies like razors, and steam clean your microwave? You can! Not only this, the effects of vinegar are long lasting and come with an odor that lasts only minutes! Click the video below and see for yourself how vinegar can change your cleaning world.

Are you a vinegar believer now? You should be! If you already know the power of vinegar, we would love to hear how you use it on a daily basis around your home. Please leave us a comment!

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